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About eight months ago I had an idea for something I wanted to try but I didn’t think it was the sort of thing that would work here on HornyGeekGirl, and at the time I didn’t have another place that felt like a match for it. So I wrote it in my future ideas journal, and sat on it hoping I would find the perfect home for it at some point.

Then around four months ago I came across Knicker Rocker Glory, a fantastic online boudoir of erotic accessories. I loved the site, the ethos, and basically everything about the site. So I tentatively reached out to Ruby (the lovely lady in charge), to see how she would feel about possibly working with me. We discussed the details of my idea, and while she was interested she wanted to hold off on putting it into action until after she had finished the update of her website.

knicker rocker glory

Knicker Rocker Glory

Just a few weeks ago I met the lovely Ruby in London, and we had a good long chat about our plans. We firmed up the details, and got everything ready. So for what feels like the longest few weeks on record I have been sitting on this massive piece of news. This week Ruby contacted me to let me know her updated site was all ready to go, and the webpage for our collaboration was sorted, and we could make the announcement.

knicker rocker glorySave Our Sex

There is nothing worse than sitting on a problem or a question and not knowing who to ask. Especially when that question or problem is related to sex, fantasies, fetishes or relationships.

That’s why I am very pleased to announce that Knicker Rocker Glory have taken me on as their resident Sexpert and sex-educator in training.

My mission is to spread sex positivity, educating and encouraging people to explore their sexuality and learn about their bodies. To give people the means to communicate their wants and needs to their partners, and to consider alternate solutions to problems they may be having.

By talking about sex, we can help normalise it. You will not be the only one, that we can promise you!

You can read more about Save Our Sex by clicking the logo below. On the link you will also find a form which you can use to send you anonymous questions.  Questions will be shared on the blog, and answered openly so other people can be helped by the answers.

knicker rocker glory

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