LELO Bruno Vibrating Prostate Massager

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When I was offered the LELO Bruno I jumped at the chance to review it. After I’d said yes, I started to worry; after all the Bruno is being marketed as a prostate massager, a male sex toy…..

LELO Bruno

Expertly crafted to offer accuracy and intensity, BRUNO™ is all about artisanal pleasure. With two powerful motors, one in the curved tip for accurate prostate stimulation and a second in the base, the luxurious BRUNO™ is a prostate massager that packs 6 intense vibration patterns into an expertly crafted body for comfort and hands-free prostate orgasms. Silky silicone and fully waterproof construction make BRUNO™ the most desirable prostate vibrator in the world.

I read all the literature on it, and was curious about what I could do with it. The different ways I, as a woman could use this men’s sex toy. I had ideas, and possibilities but would it be a true and valid review without a man’s opinion. I decided as long as my review was thorough in the ways I’d used it then it shouldn’t matter whether I was male or female. Then the Bruno actually arrived and I got very excited.

LELO Bruno

It came in the new style Black luxury box that LELO have recently rolled out. I like this design, it looks very sleek and when stacked next to your bed it isn’t completely obvious what it is.

Lelo bruno                           lelo bruno

As you know from reading previous reviews I am a power queen, and I’ve had problems with vibration strength in the LELO vibrators I’ve had so far. The Bruno completely blows those vibrators away. Even on the low setting it is a good strong rumbly vibration. It is single button operation. So you press to turn it on, and scroll through the patterns, and long press (3 seconds) to turn it off. It has two motors; one in the base and one in the prostate arm. It is completely water-proof, USB rechargeable, and it is made from LELO’s gorgeous silky feel (body safe) silicone.

lelo brunoConsidering the placement of the button, I assume LELO didn’t intend the base arm to be used internally. However, it seemed like such a good size to be used as a warm up that I couldn’t resist. It does have some flexibility in that arm which meant it didn’t quite work anally. It was great for clit stimulation though, especially when teamed with using the prostate arm. The prostate arm is great for g-spot massage, and with that arm inside the base arm hit my clit very nicely. I could even push it against me for that added pressure. I think LELO are missing a trick by marketing this purely to men, I have always struggled with ‘rabbit vibes’, so for something to work for me in that way it means it’s a bloody good item. This isn’t a men’s sex toy, this is a sex toy, and it is gooooood.

lelo brunoSo onto using it as intended. As you will be aware if you are a regular reader I am very new to anal play, and still on the beginners items. I found the size of the Lelo Bruno very non-threatening but at the same time it was a good size to help you feel filled. The tapered tip makes it nice and easy to slip in, and with some lube the soft feel silicone makes it lovely and slippery. The vibrations travelled really well, and I could feel them very nicely. Once it was inserted the base arm sat against my cunt opening, and I found if I sat on a chair I could rock against it.

If I can get a male friend to try it I will add their comments to this review.


Overall, I really loved this toy. I really really loved this toy. Ignore LELO’s marketing the toy at men, this isn’t a great men’s sex toy, this is just a great sex toy.


*The LELO Bruno was sent to me by LELO in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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