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Masturbation Monday #30

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Me Time. The inspiration was:

me timeFrantic, holding back screams, writhing across the bed – now that’s my kind of masturbation fun! What say you?

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Me Time

I was supposed to be doing a quick outfit change; going from my casual daytime clothes to the cocktail dress I’d brought to wear for dinner. I left Johnny, my security man on guard outside the hotel room door, so I was sure of having at least ten minutes of private me time.

I pulled off my t-shirt, and dropped it on the chair, unfastening my jeans as I walked back towards the bed. I sit down on it, wriggling my legs to get the jeans off, leaving them heaped on the floor. I catch site of myself in the mirror; the pure white of the matching cotton pants and bra, setting off my golden tan perfectly. The white underwear is so virginal it’s laughable but after the press fury when someone snapped a photo of my black bra strap peaking out from under a white shirt my PR people had thrown a hissy fit, and it was easier to just go along with them.

My body wasn’t perfect but finally after years of never feeling good enough I was happy with how I looked. I’d never felt sexier or more healthy, and seeing images of me tucking into bowls of pasta published by the tabloids just made me smile. It’s easier to ignore the comments on weight gain when you know you’re still sexy. I smoothed my hand down my body; feeling the fullness of my breasts, the dip where the elastic waistband of my pants sat, the rounded softness of my stomach. I slip my fingers under the side of my pants, stroking over the crinkly curls covering my mound.

As I stroke I notice moisture forming, I slip a finger between my lips and circle my clit. I glance at the clock to see how much me time I have left, I wriggle further onto the bed, falling back against the pillows. I slide my hand further into my pants, using two fingers to rub my clit. My other hand pulls down my bra, freeing my breasts; I tweak a nipple, pulling it up and twisting hard. I stroke over my outer labia, spreading the moisture over the curls. Pushing two fingers between my lips I find my hard nub, and rub it. Applying downward pressure as I increase the tempo of my fingers. I release my nipple, moving my hand to add pressure to the fingers on my clit. As spikes of pleasure shoot through me, I press my head into the pillow, arching my back. The pressure builds inside me, my body rolling with the waves of pleasure, I’m gasping out. And as the waves reach the crest, I cover my mouth, catching the screams of my orgasm in my palm.


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