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Masturbation Monday is a writing meme started by the lovely Kayla Lords, she posts a photo or GIF each week and invites participants to “Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or so hot, it’ll make people want to masturbate.”  If you click to read my stories below you will also find a banner you can click to read other entries inspired by that week’s photo or GIF.

Masturbation Monday Sexy Stories

Masturbation Monday

Below you can find the links to all my previous Masturbation Monday Sexy Stories. Some are snippets of longer stories, each week delivering a new part. I hope you enjoy reading them, and please feel free to leave a comment on any story if you particularly liked it and want to let me know.

  1. Thinking of You
  2. Watching Him Wank Part 1 
  3. Watching Her Wank Part 2
  4. Watching His Cock Part 3
  5. Watching Me Tease Part 4
  6. Watching Me Cum Part 5
  7. Watching Him Harden Part 6
  8. Watching Us Fuck Part 7
  9. At Last Part 1
  10. Steamy Windows
  11. The Morning After
  12. The Night Before Round 1
  13. The Night Before Round 2
  14. Finger Fucking
  15. Denied Orgasm
  16. Private Pool Show
  17. Touching Myself
  18. Bondage Hand Job
  19. Parking Job
  20. Pegging Order
  21. Shaving Table
  22. The Show
  23. Memory
  24. Friendship Plus
  25. Playing Together
  26. Thank You Miss
  27. Pleasuring Him
  28. Sleepy Sex Memory
  29. Dreamy Sex Memory
  30. Me Time
  31. Christmas Past
  32. Christmas Future
  33. Quick Hand Job
  34. Phone Sex
  35. Mutual Masturbation
  36. Bath Time
  37. Solo Sex
  38. On My Knees
  39. Candlelight
  40. The Sleeping Beauty
  41. Fucking Glass
  42. Bedtime Voyeur





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