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Wicked Wednesday – Wicked Writings

Wicked Wednesday is the writing meme started by the lovely Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes, she posts a prompt each week (although you don’t have to use it) and invites participants to “Share your wicked sexiness or your sexy wickedness! Be creative and share!” Wicked wednesdayThere are two ways to join in:

  1. Write a piece of erotica – fantasy or true story, but no longer than 1200 words. There is only one condition for the piece you post: it should be your own words.
    No copies or reblogs, no excerpts from books or stories published elsewhere.
  2. Post a sexy photo of yourself – with or without words to accompany it. The photo should be yours and you can show as much or as little as you want.

If you click to read my stories below you will also find a banner you can click to see other entries inspired by that week’s photo or GIF.

Below you can find the links to all my previous Wicked Wednesday entries. These are a mix of short sexy scenes, poetry, and life writing. I hope you enjoy reading them, and please feel free to leave a comment on any story if you particularly liked it and want to let me know.

Below are links to my Wicked Wednesday entries:

First Class Mile High – WWed#1

Urgent Sexting – WWed#2

C’mon the Whites – WWed#3

Hate Sex – WWed#4

First Time – WWed#5

The Christmas Party – WWed#6

Does the Mirror Lie – WWed#7

Wild Thing – WWed#8

Through Glass – WWed#9

Through Glass Part 2 – WWed#10

Non-Monogamy – WWed#11

Still Broken – WWed#12

Sexy Summer – WWed#13

Two of Me – WWed#14

Happy Place – WWed#15

Summarise – WWed#16

Believe in Yourself – WWed#17

Riding Bareback – WWed#18

How it Started – WWed#19

Sexy Shoes – WWed#20

On Your Knees – WWed#21

Hard Questions – WWed#22

Sexy Milestones – Not Quite Wicked Wednesday

Audience – WWed#23

Missed Opportunities – WWed#24

Choices – WWed#25

Identity – WWed #26

Weight – WWed #27

Night World – WWed #28

Puzzle Pieces – WWed #29

Friend – WWed #30

People Pleaser – WWed #31

Preparation – WWed #32

New Start – WWed #33

Waves – WWed #34


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