Memory Tricks

It’s funny how our memory works. When we have someone we want to forget and every little thing brings them to mind.

I had a chicken roasting, and was making espresso, and somehow a switch in my brain flicked.  Suddenly I was taken back to another time, another kitchen, and you were there.

Your arms sneaking round me, sliding your hands under my shirt to weigh my tits before pulling me back against you. Your hard-on pressed against my back. I turn my head and tilt it up to kiss you, then laughing I push you away so I can finish making the coffee. We drink it while leaning against the kitchen counter, eating roast chicken with our fingers.  When I go and drop the cups in the sink you reach out and grab my arm, pulling me against you and kissing me hard. I run my hands up your back, feeling your body firm under my touch. You turn me, trapping me against the counter, and continuing to kiss me as your hand slides up my shirt squeezing my breast, and making me gasp as you pinch the nipple. You move back slightly grabbing the hem of my shirt and pulling it off over my head, then dropping your head and sucking my nipple, your hand working the other. Then when you switch your mouth to the other nipple you drop your hand, teasing my clit until I’m shaking, then sliding your fingers into me and slowly fucking me with them. Until the throbbing peaks and I clench around them. Supporting me as I catch my breath, you grin and then pull me towards the bedroom.

Breathing hard and gripping the work top, I blink at finding myself alone in my much smaller kitchen. Part of me can still feel your fingers in me, you biting my nipple, and yet the part of me that is back in the present is aware of being alone, and feeling bereft……….and more than a little bit horny. 😀

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