I can feel your hand running down my waist, over my hip, slipping round to squeeze my arse. I smile without opening my eyes, as I wiggle closer to you. I stretch my arm across your chest, letting my fingers skim over your nipples, when I pinch one the hand on my butt squeezes in response. It’s only when I look up at your face I realise you’re still asleep. I feel a grin spreading across my face and I tip my head down, flicking my tongue over your nipple. I look down to where the sheet is draped over your waist. I suck your nipple, catching it with my teeth, and the sheet twitches.

I slide my hand down and wrap it around your cock, it’s still mostly soft as I start stroking it. It stiffens as I slowly stroke it, every so often I suck your nipple between my teeth biting lightly, and your cock throbs in my hand. You’re moaning, one hand tangled in my hair, the other still gripping my arse. I push the covers back and slowly kiss my way down your torso, over your stomach, and abdomen. I look up at your face, and as I kiss the tip of your cock your eyelids flutter, so I  slide my lips down your cock, sucking and licking. I know you’re awake when the hand on my arse slips around to cup my cunt, I’m already wet and you slide a finger between my lips, moving it up and down, letting the tip of it nudge my clit.

As your fingers work me, I keep sucking your cock, my head bobbing up and down until I feel my orgasm building. I let my hand take over stroking your shaft and rest my head against your stomach, my breathing ragged. As I come I bite your stomach, and my hand squeezes your cock harder. You gasp, and your cock twitches. I move my head, taking you back in my mouth, and sucking, as your balls tighten up and you come. I swallow until your cock stops jerking, then wiggle back up to kiss your shoulder.

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