My First Time


I’ve already written about my first time having sex today’s post is about the first time I squirted. And yes, I definitely feel it’s a worthy first time to post about.

You see I always kind of thought female ejaculation was a myth. I’d never experienced it, and if any of my friends had they weren’t talking about it so I just figured it was one of those weird myths. The ones that you here and think “who believes that?”

Then just a few years ago (three if we’re being exact) I met this guy. I’ve mentioned him before, the guy I call Mr M (Short for Mr Marvel – what?!? I’m a geek…..and so was he). We met on twitter and had only been chatting for four days before we decided to meet in person. It went great, and we continued seeing each other. We had some really great sex.

It was late summer, he’d finished work early and come over. I’d made my lemon garlic chicken, it had been marinating for a few hours and when he arrived I was just putting it in the oven to roast. I’d barely close the oven door when he was behind me, arms wrapping around me so his hands could cup my tits. I turned my head back to kiss him, and as he squeezed me, pinching my nipples through my shirt I grabbed his arse pulling him into me so I could feel his cock hard against my butt. It was clear what was on his mind when his hand slipped into my shorts, pushing my pants aside and running a finger along my cunt, while he kissed me. We’d been sexting all afternoon and I was more than ready. It took very little time before I was coming around his fingers, my knees giving slightly as I gripped the counter.

We managed to find our way to the bedroom leaving a trail of my clothing, he’d felt a need to get me as naked as possible while he was still in his jeans and tee. He’d sat me on the edge of the bed while he lavished attention on my tits; pinching, sucking, tasting, licking, teasing. I was wiggling and moaning when he finally pushed me back on the bed and turned his attention back to the part of me that had been throbbing and dripping since he walked in. It was somewhere around my 8th orgasm that it happened. He was like a man on a mission, and I was enjoying all the orgasms. I was feeling very relaxed and in the moment, my hands clutching the sheets while I moaned, and then I wasn’t sure what happened but I came so hard I swear I almost blacked out. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. I do remember yelling “oh fuck yes.” Then not speaking or moving for at least a minute, while I tried to catch my breath. When I finally got myself back together, he was stroking my inner thigh and grinning at me.
I smiled at him and asked “What was that?”
Still grinning he said “You just squirted. Have you never done that before?”
I giggled as I told him, “No but I’m more than willing to do it again.”

And I did……..more than once.

7 thoughts on “My First Time

  1. Lucky lucky guy 😉

    I love making a woman gush/squirt. Its a huge turn on for her as well as me.

    First time it happened I wasnt sure what it was, till I tasted it from her thighs and I was like “oh hell yes”.

  2. And are you regularly able to achieve it now?

    I’ve never squirted and as much as one partner made it a mission to try and make me – it never happened.
    I’m so curious…. and starting to feel like I’m missing a string to my bow.

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