Naked Boob Reactions

So yesterday I tweeted two pictures on twitter both involved my naked breasts. The first one was a quick snap of just one perky nipple, along with a quick comment about how I was having a nipple issues and without any apparent cause they were insisting on standing to attention.

It got a few replies and likes, all in the positive. And tweeting it got me thinking that the whole idea behind the anonymous blogging and tweeting is to help me become more confident and to push my boundaries in a safe way.  So it would make sense to post a picture showing more boobage.

Now the next photo I tweeted was one I had sent to someone privately  (by request) a few days earlier, and he had said nice (appreciative) things. That gave me the courage to show it to some other people, asking for their opinions, on public sharing. Which meant I decided to do the brave thing and tweet it.

I also had requests to share it after I said I was considering it, so being the daring type (Ha! Who am I trying to kid?) I thought to hell with it, I’m going to go for it.

Now it may have been very naive of me not to expect it but some of the responses to it kind of took me by surprise. Luckily, I’m not easily offended or shocked but there was definitely some surprise in there.

Don’t get me wrong all the messages were complimentary and it was a great ego boost to get them but there were people who took it too far.  The pictures got a few people chatting to me, which is great and I’m enjoying interacting with people more.

However to be really clear there is a huge difference between actual interaction and some of the messages I got. One in particular was a fascinating glimpse into the male psyche; he sent a shot of his erection with the words “Got this reading your blog, btw great tits”. Be still my heart. Colour me totally flattered. Not sure I can cope with all the romance. lol. Seriously who thinks that is an acceptable message to send to a complete stranger. It’s not like I said here are my breasts, now send me pictures of your cock. If I want them I ask…….or wait until you offer and say yes, please.

Posting (and tweeting) these pictures of myself has nothing to do with anyone else. It is about me, if you want to enjoy them once they’re out there, that’s great, but I don’t necessarily need to know how much you’re enjoying them. A brief off the cuff response via tweet is one thing (and kinda nice) but a “I’m wanking while staring at your boobs” is more than I need to know (and a little bit creepy), especially if you have never even said hello to me before.

So I will keep sharing pictures, when I feel like it, and you are free to keep enjoying them. Just consider carefully how much and whether you really need to share your enjoyment with me.

12 thoughts on “Naked Boob Reactions

  1. Nice insight to how a girl would respond. To guys we like knowing that maybe a picture of ourselves might do something to a girl. I understand a nice introductory greeting would have been nice.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I would have had less issue with a simple “Hot pic, made me horny”. I did get a few of those and they were fine. It’s the excessive detail and unsolicited cock shots I had issue with.

      Hope that makes it clearer. Thanks again for commenting. 🙂

  2. Some boys just don’t understand how to balance being a gentlemen and being a perv 🙂

    Despite the silly boys and their inappropriate responses, I’m glad that it seems that revealing your wonderfully oversized breasts was a positive experience

  3. I rarely send “cock shots” at all because I don’t consider the male organ to be that attractive. But there are some sex bloggers who would adore unsolicited cock shots, and there are some who find it a bit creepy.

    Personally, I think it shows a window into the mind of someone who thinks their member is worthy of a stranger’s attention. However, if any woman wants to flash their assets at me on Twitter, I will not complain! 😉

    But no, you wont be getting unsolicited cock shots from me!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

      I think it can be attractive, I have received a few (requested/agreed) cock shots that have got me wet and wiggling. Although it is rarely JUST about the cock, it’s what else is in the shot, how it’s taken, the hand/s in the pic. Details. 🙂

      I have no issue with cock shots on twitter generally, same as I don’t with tit/pussy shots. But DM/Email is different. 🙂

  4. Sigh….. You do have very beautiful breasts. Thank you for sharing, and I’m sorry someone cockshotted you! (Congrats on the growing confidence!!)

  5. :-(. I missed the pics. Dammit. Oh well. Still love interacting with you. :-). I understand your reaction.

    Byw. Did you get my tweet that I sent you about my blog? You actually inspired me to start it so thank you.

    • Hi. I do occasionally tweet the odd boob pic but I never leave them up for long.

      I’m glad I inspired you. I love blogging. 🙂

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