Nudes by Email – No I Won’t Send Them


A few days ago I received an email from a gentleman (I’m using that word in the loosest sense possible) who wanted me to send him some nudes. Usually when I receive this type of email I will politely decline or I will just ignore it. Today I was feeling a bit crazy so I decided to have a little fun. First I did explain there are nude pics of me already on the website, then I offered to send him a nude of his own……for a price.


He did not appreciate this offer. But then I didn’t expect him to. There is a certain level of male privilege showing here where not only will this guy NOT accept that it is up to ME who I share nudes with (and for what reason) but also that just because I am a self-confessed HORNY girl, I couldn’t possibly say no to sending this complete stranger nude pics. Not only did he not appreciate request of being paid for the service he was requesting but he then felt the need to abuse me, insult me, and wish me dead.

The ego on this type of male is a very fragile thing, they have the nerve to say women are overly emotional but you’ve never seen me throwing a tantrum, and wishing someone dead because a complete stranger, living halfway around the world wouldn’t send me a nude photo. I have made it clear previously that I am not here for anyone but myself. I post the stories and articles that I choose to post, I share photos when I want to share photos. I have made it very clear I am not here for the benefit of strange men halfway around the world. If they like my website that is great, but I don’t owe them anything.

You can see the exchange in full below but first a message for my…….friend.


Nudes by Email

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah  – 17:24 (3 hours ago)

hi there want to share some pictures?

Hornygeekgirl – 17:38 (3 hours ago)

I share what I want on my blog. If you want anything else, I can let you know my prices.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 18:29 (2 hours ago)

why cant you send some pictures here?

Hornygeekgirl – 18:36 (2 hours ago)

Want my prices?

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:02 (2 hours ago)

yes pls

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:08 (2 hours ago)

say your price pls

hornygeekgirl – 19:09 (1 hour ago)

Prices start at £50 per pic.  All pics are anonymous (don’t include face), and payment is due in full in advance.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:11 (1 hour ago)

you want money?

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:12 (1 hour ago)

wow all the other girls i’ve met is nice and wants to chat with me and sometimes the send a hot picture of them

hornygeekgirl – 19:19 (1 hour ago)

The price is £50 per pic. If you don’t like that I suggest you go ‘chat’ to one of those other girls.

I’m not here purely for your sexual gratification. This is my business. If you don’t like it go away.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:20 (1 hour ago)

so you cant just once send atleast 1 nude pic to me pls

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:21 (1 hour ago)

i would be so happy i you would do that. i respect your job and i think you are a really nice lady but pls only this time send me a nude pic

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:25 (1 hour ago)

are you there?

hornygeekgirl  – 19:26 (1 hour ago)

I will be happy to send you just one pic, once you pay the £50. That is the only way you will get a nude from me.

I am finished discussing it now. If you don’t want to pay stop messaging me.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:27 (1 hour ago)

do you know anyone else that wil send me nudes without the paying part?

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:28 (1 hour ago)

pls answer me girl

hornygeekgirl – 19:30 (1 hour ago)

I have been really polite up to this point. Now I am telling you to fuck off. Do not email me again. I will be blocking you.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:32 (1 hour ago)

then fuck you horny lier!! fake little bitch!!

you fucking cunt only care of money

i hope you die in a car crash!

Hornygeekgirl – 19:36 (1 hour ago)

Well you’re just delightful. Aren’t you.

I haven’t lied, and I’m not a fake. I am a smart savvy WOMAN. Who knows her value.

YOU contacted me not the other way around.


Wasn’t he a delightful charmer?

2 thoughts on “Nudes by Email – No I Won’t Send Them

  1. I had someone asks me for pics recently. Funny thing, he contacted me through Fet Life where I have many pics up. I also told him that there are some on my blog if he wanted to see others. No. Just send me one, he said. So I asked him to send men me one. No, he doesn’t do that, for his privacy and all. That’s when he was told to fuck off and blocked. Fucksakes!!

    • I wonder if it was the same guy using a different name. Some people just suck…..and not in the fun way.

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