Oleander’s Prompt Contest #1

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The last Wicked Wednesday prompt was lists, and putting her own special spin on it Oleander over at PoisonPenDirtyMind decided to use it as an opportunity to share part of her list of writing prompts. And taking it one step further she invited her readers to use one of the prompts to inspire them to write an entry for her contest.

I decided to use the backstage pass prompt. This is an excerpt of the full story.

Backstage Pass

I watched from around the corner as the band came out of the dressing room corridor. The security guy, a man who looked like he could audition to be a pro-wrestler, greeted each one with a nod as they passed him, and then followed them into the meet and greet. I took my chance and hurried down the hallway, checking names until I found the right one. I slipped inside and closed the door behind me, looking around. I needed something to prove I’d been here but I didn’t feel right taking anything, not even one of the t-shirts hanging on the rail across the room. I was looking at the sofa against the back wall when I had an idea. It was definitely risky but it would fulfil two spots on the hunt and there should be more than enough time, with photos to take and autographs to sign they were sure to be a while. I grabbed the guitar stool and put it near the sofa, then placed my camera on top angling it so it was pointing at the sofa. Then I quickly shimmied out of my jeans, dropping them on the floor before pulling off my vest and bra. I grabbed the shirt hanging on the back of a chair and slipped my arms into it. I set my camera to self-timer multiple shots, and angled the screen so I would see it from my chosen position. I laid down, my legs draped over the arm of the sofa and faced the lens, smiling into the camera as it flashed. I shifted position sitting up and crossing my legs looking to the side, then kneeling on the sofa looking over my shoulder. Trying all the different ‘faux sexy’ poses I’d ever seen in magazines.

I was just taking the shirt off to do a few nudes when I heard voices, they must have finished already. I dropped the shirt on the sofa, grabbing my clothes and moving to the door but the voices were so close I daren’t open it. I looked around for a hiding place, there was a small bathroom but if they decided to use it I was screwed. I had a moment of blind panic before I dashed for the clothes rail. Pushing the clothes aside I climbed behind it, hugging my clothes, just in time as the door handle turned. As the door pushed open I realised my camera was still sitting on the stool in full view. I hid my face against my clothes too panicked to be able to think straight. Steve walked in, and for a second I thought maybe I could brazen it out but he was followed by Dave and I knew I would have to stay hidden and hope no-one noticed. I just couldn’t explain about the Scavenger hunt to them both.

If you’d like to read what happens after they share a beer, watch this space. ;D

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