OllaLa History – The First Heated Dildo of its Type

ollala historyWho said women do not masturbate?

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Actually, let’s just say it: is there anything better, more intense, and more pleasurable? Whether we’re talking about sex with another person (or maybe more), or by ourselves in our bedroom, it is always fun and enjoyable.

There is a myth we need to debunk, perhaps one of humanity’s biggest and unfounded misconceptions: women do not masturbate. That is absolutely false; according to a survey, only 36% of women say they do not masturbate. The remaining 74% of women say they do – and who knows, maybe among that 36% there are some shy women who just are not willing to admit it.

Masturbation, especially for a woman, is extremely important. Getting to know your body, your vagina and what can better stimulate it will help tremendously when it’s time to share the bed with a real partner. Some women can feel pleasure only by stimulating the clitoris, while others are able to reach impressive orgasms, and maybe even squirt. Also, how do you learn how to love sex? By playing with yourself.

Dildo: a girl’s best friend?

A few women admit to masturbating, not to mention those who admit to owning a dildo. Many consider it as their vagina’s best friend, despite the presence of a partner. However, may girls complain about something that might go unnoticed: normal dildos, dongs and vibrators are cold, maybe too cold in order to let yourself relax and fell some well-deserved pleasure while immersed in your fantasies. Besides, many models, especially those on the cheaper side, are also quite stiff, and far from the realism they sometimes promise to provide. To some dildo manufacturers one might even ask, “Have you ever seen an actual penis?”

OllaLa a girl’s best friend?

Well, if a dildo’s low temperature is an obstacle to women’s ability to let themselves go for a moment of pleasure by themselves, OllaLa is the solution many were looking for. It is a breakthrough model, designed and patented by Helmuth Weiss, a man who managed to treasure his partners’ feedback, while trying to offer every woman what she wanted. As a lover of sex and women, he wanted to give them a precious present: OllaLa, the first actually warm dildo.

OllaLa History and Features

The problem with classic dildos is that no model currently on the market except for OllaLa is soft, with the right degree of stiffness but flexible. In particular, while resembling a real penis in shape, they are all extremely cold when they come in contact with a vagina. On the other hand, OllaLa can maintain a stable temperature between 37 and 38°C from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the model.

OllaLa is available in three different sizes and three colour options and its durability is virtually limitless, it can last a lifetime. In fact, with OllaLa you can have a warm dildo your whole life, thanks to the warm-generating liquid which is activated. This revolutionary and woman-friendly dildo is made of high quality silicone.

ollala history  ollala history  ollala history

It is an extremely realistic product which is also absolutely hygienic, since it can be easily and quickly sterilized: all you have to do is briefly dip OllaLa in boiling water and your heated dildo will be ready to use again. It doesn’t need any kind of power source, no batteries or cables, it doesn’t need refilling or recharging. OllaLa has been patented in 2004, and over ten years later, it still has no competition on the market. In fact, heated dildos are often low-quality, do not care for female needs and the heat they generate is not appropriate for intimate parts.

Here are the models you can choose from:

  • OllaLa normal: 20 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter, OllaLa Normal is ideal for every woman who wants a dildo capable of heating up to 37-38°C with a simple touch.
  • OllaLa midi: For those women who want to try the excitement of playing with 22 cm of length and 4.5 cm of diameter, Midi is the perfect model. It doesn’t just heat up, but can also keep the temperature from 30 to 60 minutes!
  • OllaLa maxi: let’s just say it, size matters. Why settle for less when you can play with a 24 cm heated dildo with a diameter of 5.5 cm? We are talking about generous dimensions, you must be really lucky to found the same in a partenr. But don’t worry: OllaLa Maxi comes to the rescue!

Why “OllaLa”?

Why did Helmuth choose to give its invention such a peculiar name? Because that’s the expression every woman use once they come in contact with the magic warm dildo. A brand that is called OllaLa.

Who is Helmuth?

Helmuth Weiss is the inventor of OllaLa who decided to listen to women, by exclusively pursuing the very best of quality. A surprising quality both in terms of materials used to manufacture the first warm dildo and for attention to details.

OllaLa’s creator loves sex and it shows, that is the reason he respects it so much. It is crucial to give your partner the attention she deserves when it comes to sex, because she deserves to live sex in the best possible way, deeply and without any limitations, just like Helmuth does. Playing with his partners allowed him to find out what they really wanted in a companion of intimate games such as their dildo. And what did he do? He designed, invented and patented it, that is how OllaLa was born, women’ dildo friend capable of providing them with authentic, warm pleasure.


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