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This dating article, Halloween Dating was written as a sponsored post but unfortunate circumstances came along and it is no longer a sponsored post. However, I enjoyed writing it so I decided to share it anyway. Hope you have fun reading it.

halloween dating


Halloween Dating

I used to love Halloween when I was younger (and it is still my favourite ‘holiday’). It’s my birthday so I always had parties with everyone in fancy dress, or as I got older we would put costumes on to go out. I’ve met a few people I’ve dated when on a Halloween night out, and I’ve also arranged a few first dates for the same night.

If it’s a holiday you like, I think Halloween is a great night for first date because it gives you a pretty good insight into the person. What they dress up as, if they are willing to dress up, how they react to your costume (not to mention to other people’s). If you love Halloween it can give you a good idea what they think of it.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you’re planning a Halloween date. If you want to eat many of the nicer places won’t appreciate your costume, so you may end up eating somewhere you wouldn’t normally consider for a first date. Also, many bars will be busy, this can impact things if you want to have deep and meaningful conversations all night. However, if you just want a fun night with some light “getting to know you” conversation, dancing, and lots of fun it’s a great night.

Your costume has to be chosen with care, you want to enter into the spirit, while trying to be original, and not causing offence. If you don’t want to end up looking bad:

  • Don’t glorify violence against women
  • No problematic historical figures
  • Cultures are not costumes
    • No blackface, brownface, yellowface
    • No religious garb (hijabs, bindis, etc)
    • No native headdresses
    • No gypsy related outfits
  • Gender identity is NOT a costume
  • Sexual identity is NOT a costume

You might think you’re being clever or funny but you’re not. Also, a really bad idea are costumes that resemble outfits worn by problematic groups (KKK, facists, etc). For example, if I turned up and my date was dressed as Hitler I would definitely have an issue with it, and the date would not be going any further. Another good one to avoid is anything where your face is coated with grease-paint. This is just personal preference but there is nothing worse than going in to kiss someone only to end up with a mouthful of face paint…it really does not taste good. However, you can now get the body paints that dry when applied, so they don’t smudge off when you’re kissing…these can also be great fun if you want to pick a costume that requires full body paint (think alien characters from Star Trek) because it doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

If things go well and you decide you want to take your date home, you can keep the Halloween dating spirit going with nightcap cocktails with a spooky theme. Maybe you decorated for the holiday before going out. And for a truly silly sexy twist on the holiday glow in the dark condoms, dildos, and body paint can be a lovely way to add some extra entertainment to the fun.


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WeVibe Nova

Duel-Stim Vibrator

The WeVibe Nova is a duel stimulation vibrator from this luxury sex toy manufacturer. WeVibe makes one of my all-time favourite ‘pocket’ vibes, the Touch, it is the toy I reach for most often. This company seem to really understand the products they’re making, and they try their best to deliver what people want. Even more importantly they appear to appreciate that not every vibrator will work for everyone, so they put out what might look like similar products but that work very differently.

Combines the pleasure of G-spot stimulation with powerful clitoral vibration. The unique design flexes with movement to stay in contact with your clitoris.
Nova rumbles like no other dual stimulator. The easy-to-use controls let you get the feeling just right. Increase or decrease the intensity or turn off the G-spot or clitoral vibration.
Mix it up to try new combinations, and make sure to take Nova in the bath or shower for a truly sensual experience.

From WeVibe

WeVibe nova

WeVibe Nova

I’m not a huge fan of “rabbit style” vibrators (they just never seem to reach the right places or do what they’re supposed to), so I wasn’t sure how I would get along with the Nova. WeVibe have dispensed with the traditional clitoral stimulation of “rabbit ears”, and instead have added a flexible curved arm. It was hard to picture how it was supposed to work so I was curious to see it in the person.

wevibe nova

In person it is just as weird as it sounds. The clitoral arm is super curved and bendy but not as flexible as I expected. The shape of the main shaft is strange too, very narrow at the neck with a bulbous head. This head also has a humped shape to the bulb that is great for g-spot stimulation.

wevibe nova wevibe nova

The idea is that you bend the end of the clitoral arm in on itself so the point will stay in contact with your clit when you are thrusting. I totally understand the thinking behind this design, as the problem most people have with rabbit style toys is that the “ears” lose contact with the clit when you thrust. This issue is supposed to be solved with the bendy arm, and for many (like GirlyJuice, Dangerous Lilly, MissRubyReviews) it worked perfectly but I have to admit I still struggled with it. The clitoral arm just didn’t work with my body, it felt too pinpoint. I also managed to make it spring out of place on multiple occasions. I definitely think this was me though, not the toy because I know other reviewers didn’t have the same issue.

wevibe nova wevibe nova

I found the vibrations were strong and mostly rumbly, some settings did seem a bit more buzzy, and I definitely felt like the clitoral arm vibrations were stronger. I had a bit of trouble with the controls, a problem which can probably be solved by using the app on your phone but I needed two hands to use the WeVibe Nova, so this wasn’t really an option. The buttons just seem to disappear, they’re not quite raised enough that you can feel them properly when the toy is inserted, and I accidentally changed the pattern instead of intensity a few times.

wevibe nova

The one thing I truly loved about the WeVibe Nova was the magnetic charging cable. They have got the connection perfect, it stays in place during charging even when you knock the table it’s on. So many toys haven’t looked at how their magnetic charger connects closely enough, and as a result the connection is too loose. On this vibrator it is perfect.

wevibe nova wevibe nova

I liked the insertable portion of the WeVibe Nova but the clitoral arm just got in my way. The curved bulbous head nestled perfectly against my g-spot but not if I inserted it to it’s full length. I think you will know if this is likely to work with your body.

wevibe nova


Much as I really wanted to love this toy it just didn’t work for me. The vibrations are good and rumbly. It is a reasonably quiet, and fully waterproof so easy to clean. If you really want a rabbit vibrator and your clit likes pinpoint stimulation, I think this is one of the better options.


*I was given the Nova by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review does NOT contain affiliate links.

Morning Wood

Erotic Flash Fiction

I don’t know about you but I love the feeling of waking up to find his Morning Wood pressing against me, even if it’s just a one night stand with someone I met through a site like http://meetandfucksite.com/free-fuck-buddy-sites I still love that feeling.

morning wood

Morning Wood

I wake slowly, the sun slanting through the gap in the curtain, falls on the book on the bedside table. I can feel the weight of your arm resting across my waist. Your body snuggled against me, is radiating heat, and I wiggle closer trying to absorb it.  As my butt presses against you I smile, I can feel your morning wood between us. I know you’re still asleep and for a minute I consider waking you in a very nice way but I don’t know you well enough to assume you’d approve, so I decide to let you sleep.

I drift back to sleep, and when I wake up again, I know instantly that you’re awake. You’re pressing against me, rocking your hips. I think about rolling over but part of me is curious. I want to see what you will do, so I continue feigning sleep. I mumble and shift, as if caught in a dream, and you let go of me, rolling onto your back. I hold myself still listening to you.

I can tell you’re trying to be quiet, to not wake me. I expected you to start sorting yourself out but I can feel both your arms, one down between us, and one coming over your head. I wonder if you’re trying to go back to sleep, and for a while I think you have. Then I hear you sigh, and you move the arm that was between us.

I can still feel your upper arm pressed against me, and as you start to stroke yourself it rubs against my back. It’s a slow gentle movement, and my skin breaks out in goosebumps of arousal, as if I felt a sudden breeze. I open my eyes slightly looking down my body, and realise I can see you perfectly in the mirror covering the wardrobe door. You’re still lying flat on your back, head tilted upwards, one arm thrown over your face, so your forearm is covering your eyes. Your cock is standing straight up from your body, with only a slight curve towards your stomach.

As your fist moves up and down the shaft, you pull your cock, tugging it away from your stomach. Your movements are much firmer than I would have been, they’re almost rough. I watch you, fascinated by the way you touch yourself.  I can feel myself getting turned on, my nipples peaking as my cunt throbs. I want to wriggle to touch myself but I don’t want you to stop what you’re doing. I hold myself still, trying to keep my breathing even, hoping you won’t realise I’ve woken up.

I feel like a voyeur, watching you when you’re unaware but I’m too drawn in by your morning wood to care.  There is something delightful about watching you like this, it’s a glimpse into something that I don’t get to see often. When I ask someone to wank for me there is a certain level of self-consciousness because they know I’m watching, while that doesn’t spoil the view it definitely doesn’t give me the same thrill that watching you now does.

As his hand tugs and strokes his cock I feel a wet heat in me. His movements are becoming more jerky and uneven. Up to now his only movement has been his hand but now he arches his back thrusting into his fist, and I bite back a moan not wanting to disturb the show, as I press my thighs together tightly. My eyes are now wide open watching him. I’m torn between not wanting to move, and wanting to turn over and join in. He whispers “fuck” pushing his hips towards his hand as his stroking gets faster.

I know he must be close to coming and listening to him is causing an answering throb in my cunt, I pressed my lips together so I won’t moan. His fist tightens around his cock, squeezing hard, as he thrusts. A thick ribbon of cum spills over his fist onto his stomach, as he gives a loud grunt, and I jump. His hand relaxes to his side, and before I can react, he moves his arm from over his face, meeting my eyes in the mirror. I freeze, knowing it is obvious I’ve been watching him.
He starts to grin, “Is it still a one night stand if we have sex in the morning as well?”
I smile, “Oh yes, yes it is.”




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**Disclaimer – This article was sponsored by http://meetandfucksite.com/free-fuck-buddy-sites.

Birthday Presents

Personal Post

There are a few ways you can read the title (birthday presents) of this post, you can read it as birthday gifts or birthday hosts, or birthday show. Well my chances of hosting anything are slim, and I highly doubt anyone is going to be putting me on a show (even a private one), so this is about gifts. I’m trying to make the countdown to my birthday more of a positive thing, as opposed to the usual fill me with dread and spiral my depression thing.

birthday presents

Birthday Presents

The date of my birthday (31st October – yeah, I’m a Halloween baby) is shown clearly on both Twitter and Facebook (possibly also on Instagram too), so around this time of year I always start to get emails and DMs asking me about gifts. Usually I direct people to my amazon wishlist or ask for StarbucksUK e-giftcards. This year I decided to do a dedicated birthday wishlist, and post here. Hopefully all the people who usually message me will see this, and I don’t have the awkward feeling attached to replying to individuals. Click the image below to take you to my birthday wishlist.

birthday presents

If you’ve been following me on Twitter for a while you will know this is usually a tough time of year for me. My dad always made a big deal of birthdays and Christmas, so this time of year always makes me miss him even more than I do normally. I do have some friends who always make sure to do something for my birthday, whether it’s a card or a little present, but it’s not the same as having my dad making a fuss of me. However, silly as it sounds, those little cards and gifts do help make me feel a little less alone, they help me get through it, they cheer me up, even if it’s just for a little while. So to all those who ask and send, THANK YOU. It is very much appreciated.

For those who would rather, you can also use paypal to send cash. My paypal is hornygeekgirl@gmail.com please mark payments as friend/family.



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Horatio Slice Review

Book Review

Around 6 weeks ago I was part of the Horatio Slice book launch blog tour. I’d been lucky enough to read the first chapter way back when it was first being edited, and I’d been desperate to find out what happened. So when the author, Oleander Plume asked me if I’d like to be part of the book tour I jumped at the chance. She was also kind enough to send me the ebook, so I could finally find out what happened after chapter 1.

horatio slice

Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe

horatio sliceFrom Go Deeper Publishing

Paperback, 538 pages, 14 x 3.1 x 21.6 cm

Oleander Plume writes light-hearted (but explicit) erotica with a heavy dose of humor. While she writes in a variety of styles, her favorite gender pairing is M/M. Or M/M/M. Or M/M/M/M. Who’s counting, anyway? She lives in Chicago with her husband, two daughters, and a couple of obnoxious cats.


You can find her online through the links below:

Website | Amazon Author Page | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Horatio Slice is NOT dead. Gunner Wilkes knows a secret. Heartthrob rock star Horatio Slice is not dead. Sure, Gunner may turn heads with his big brain, good looks, and gym-built body, but his mind is on one thing only: returning his all-time favourite rocker and secret fanboy crush to Earth.


The first time I read this it was in ebook form, and I read it really quickly. My kindle doesn’t tell you the number of pages, and I assumed this was a fairly short book, until I got the paperback and realised this is a monster epic. 500+ pages zip by so fast you won’t believe it. I love a book that draws you in, keeps you interested, and makes you forget how big it actually is. Horatio Slice does just that.

The first chapter is a perfect lesson in storytelling; it draws you in, makes you curious, and gets you to keep reading. The rest of the book lives up to the expectations created in chapter one. Oleander’s sharp wit, incredible descriptions, and amazing characterisations brings this book to life in a very engaging way.

There is a huge cast of characters but they are introduced in a natural way, that manages to make each one stick in your mind as an individual. I wish there had been more time to get to know the surrounding cast as well as the main characters but I don’t feel it was detrimental to the story, in fact I feel it allowed me to connect to Horatio, Gunner, Snake and Sugar more deeply. I cared what happened to them. I cared about Horatio’s story.

However, the story and characters aren’t all that Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe has going for it. The sex is HOT!!! And there is a lot of it. Sometimes, when you’re writing multiple sex scenes it can be difficult not to have them all coming out sounding repetitive. Oleander absolutely nails this issue. Each scene brings something fresh, and they are really hot (did I already mention that?). So hot in fact I had to stop reading it in public…

I can’t wait to read more of Horatio Slice’s adventures.



Great story, plenty of action, and characters you will love. It’s hot sexy space pirates…why wouldn’t I recommend it?!?


Buy Links for Horatio Slice:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | Inktera | GoDeeper | Kobo

Horatio Slice Online:

GoDeeper Media | GoDeeper Shop | Goodreads


*I received a copy of Horatio Slice from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review. There are no affiliate links used in this post.