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Masturbation Monday #19

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Parking Job. The inspiration was:

Parking JobI can’t decide which I’d rather do…watch or help. What about you? Masturbation Month is going strong (that’s what he said) and if you haven’t taken time to wank away, now is as good a time as any!

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Parking Job

She smiled and slid her hands under her arse, pressing them down into the seat of the car.
He looked at her, “What are you doing?”
“I told you I’m being good.” She tried not to look at into his lap, he’d unfastened his jeans and pushed the sides apart. When she’d snuck a glance she could see the head of his cock peaking out, it was at that point she’d slid her hands under her. She’d promised herself this was just drinks, she was going to behave, she was not going to have sex today. Not that she didn’t want to, oh hellfire did she want to. He managed to push all the right buttons with just a few words, she could only imagine what he could do in person. But inside she was still fighting the feeling that it was somehow wrong to meet a guy just for sex. She knew it wasn’t but years of being told nice girls don’t do that had ingrained it in her head. Besides she wouldn’t really need the willpower to resist, it wasn’t like they could go anywhere private this afternoon. She’d forgotten he had a car, plus it’s winter, and in winter it gets dark awfully early.

Which was how they’d ended up parked in a layby down a country lane, as darkness rolled in. He’d tilted his seat back, then wrapped a hand round his shaft, pushing his jeans aside to give himself space. She could see his arm moving but was staring determinedly out the window, biting her lip to keep from moaning.
He laughed, “I don’t mind if you watch.”
Staring ahead she said, “If I look I’ll want to touch, if I touch I’ll want to taste, I told myself I’d behave….this time.” He reached over and flicked the nipple that was standing to attention under her shirt, causing her to gasp as shivers of feeling pulsed through her.
“Are you sure you want to behave?”
She laughed, “No, no I’m not.” She reached round under her shirt to undo her bra, before pulling it off and dropping it on her coat in the back seat. He slipped his hand under her shirt, squeezing her breast and pinching the nipple. She reached over, wrapping her hand round his cock and taking over the stroking. He lifted her chin, kissing her fiercely, and as he pulled back she nipped his lip.

His hand was now working to get in her jeans, and she cursed herself for not wearing a skirt. Once he gotten them unfastened she lifted her hips so he could push them down. Then his hand was covering her cunt. He held it still until she pushed against it, and spread her thighs some more. He slipped his hand into her pants, grazing over that spot she’d told him made her shiver, before circling her clit. As he worked her clit she could feel pressure building inside, and her hand, still stroking his cock, flexed and tightened as the first waves of orgasm rushed through her. He moved his hand lower bending two fingers to slip inside her while pressing the heel of his hand to her, each thrust from his fingers causing his hand to press against her clit, and soon she was coming again. Her hand tightening on his cock until worried she might hurt him she let go, grabbing his thigh and certain she was leaving nail marks. She looked down and seeing a drop glistening on his tip she bent her head. Flicking her tongue over the tip, before licking along his shaft. She opened her mouth letting her lips slide down over the head of his cock, tasting him, taking in as much as she could before lifting back up. She settled with her lips around the base of his head, wrapping her hand back around the shaft, and stroking it as she sucked and licked the head and tip. His moans told her what he liked best and she found her rhythm, working his cock until he stopped her.
“We have to go. I have that party. We’ll have to finish this another time.” She sighed, as she moved back, carefully tucking him back into his jeans, before straightening her own clothes, lifting her shirt to get her bra back on.

It wasn’t until she was on the train halfway home that she thought to check her make-up; her lipstick was smeared, and her mouth looked swollen. She smiled to herself. They should definitely do it again.


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