Patreon – Can You Help Support my Writing Work?

Hey All

I’ve got a special announcement that I want to let you in on. I just joined Patreon.



In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for my fans to contribute to my writing every month, and get great rewards in return. I have a few different reward levels available. Anything you can pledge to give each month will help me. I am working as hard as I can to get more jobs that pay me but this means my true passion, fiction has to take a backseat. By contributing to my campaign you are helping provide me with the support I need to truly live my passion.

I wanted to share the link with you, if you can’t help now I will be putting a banner on my side bar, so you can help laterif you want to. You can check my Patreon page out here.

Also, if you have any suggestions for other rewards I could offer then please drop me a note (no I will not be offering nudes as part of this deal). 

Please feel free to share to share this post, and/or the campaign.

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