PicoBong KIKI 2 Mini (Pocket) Vibrator

PicoBong KIKI 2

PicoBong KIKI 2 is the perfect discreet vibrator for packing in your pocket, purse or bag while on the go. Just 4 inches (10 cm) long, KIKI 2 may be a pocket-sized vibe, but it’s designed to pack a big punch. With a gentle curve and flattened tip, it’s perfect for precise clitoral stimulation and has strength to spare when delighting all other external erogenous zones. It’s the ideal teasing all-rounder; fantastic for foreplay or for anyone who wants quiet, powerful pleasure on the down-low.

PicoBong KIKI 2

When I was offered the PicoBong KIKI 2 to review, I have to admit I wasn’t sure it would be for me but it boasted double the power of the old range, and came in a fun selection of colours so I thought I’d give it a go. I was unfamiliar with the PicoBong brand so I went and had a look at their website. I loved the look and style of their site. They are clearly trying to make vibrators more mainstream, and friendly, which can only be a good thing.

PicoBong KIKI 2

From the packaging and website it is obvious that PicoBong is a quality budget brand. The printed plastic box did a good job of protecting the KIKI 2 in transit (it arrived in a padded envelope) but wouldn’t be great for regular storage.

PicoBong KIKI 2

The PicoBong KIKI 2 is made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. The silicone is lovely and smooth with a silky finish that has very little drag to it.  It is fully waterproof to 1 metre, meaning it’s very easy to clean, and great for use in the bath or shower. It is very quiet, almost silent when in use, and has twelve different vibration patterns.

The motor of the PicoBong KIKI 2 has double the power of the old PicoBong KIKI, and is powered by a single AAA battery. It has a simple two button interface, so you can scroll up or down through the patterns, and a long press will turn it on or off. It fit perfectly into my hand, and was very light to hold. The end is a broad flattened shape, so it can stimulate your clit better.

PicoBong KIKI 2

When this mini vibrator arrived I was surprised to find a battery included. I hadn’t realised it was battery powered, if I had realised (it isn’t clear from their website) I probably wouldn’t have chosen to review it. I find anything that runs on a single small battery just doesn’t have enough power for me. The PicoBong KIKI 2 wasn’t an exception, I found the vibrations were low and quite buzzy. When I held it to my clit with any kind pressure the vibrations almost disappeared.


While I liked the idea this just wasn’t powerful enough to do anything for me. However at the price if you’re not a power queen like me, the PicoBong KIKI 2 is a real bargain. A body-safe non-toxic clit vibrator for under £30.

*Disclaimer – I was sent the PicoBong KIKI 2 by PicoBong in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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