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Masturbation Monday #25

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Playing Together. The inspiration was:

playing together

After a long stressful day, there’s almost nothing better than relaxing…together. ;)

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Playing Together

I walked into the house, immediately kicking off my shoes and leaving them next to the rack. As I walked down the hall I unbuttoned my shirt, letting it slide down my arms so I could hang it on the bannister. As I walked up the steps I moved my skirt around my hips, unfastening the zip, and as I stepped onto the landing I let it fall, kicking it to one side where it lay heaped in front of the bookcase. I I walked into the bedroom I reached behind me to unhook my bra, I pulled the straps down my arms, and sighing loudly as my breasts were suddenly free from the underwire and lace. I dropped it on the chair by the window, and rested a hand on the seat back, supporting myself as I slipped my panties down and stepped out of them. Grabbing a clip from the dressing table I twisted my hair up, sliding the clip in to hold it as I headed for the shower. I paused outside the en suite to flick on the air con.

I left the bathroom. The air con had cooled the room to a bearable temperature, I happily dropped the thin towel I’d wrapped round myself in the laundry basket. I pulled back the cotton top sheet, and sat down on the edge of the bed. Laying down I closed my eyes, the cool air washing over me as I finally relaxed. I woke slowly, the room was still light, I felt the pressure of a body on the bed beside me and I rolled over, opening my eyes. He was sleeping, I reached a hand to stroke his face. The day’s stubble greying his chin felt prickly, and I took a moment to try and smooth out the worry lines creasing his forehead. As I traced my fingers back down his jawline, he mumbled in his sleep, and turned his head nuzzling my hand.

I grinned as an idea came to me. Shifting to my side, I move my hand down his body slowly tracing over his chest. His nipples were peaked from the cool air, and I quickly licked my finger, circling over each nipple, and enjoying the way he twisted towards me. As I pinched them his cock twitched, beginning to stiffen, and swell. I slid my hand lower tracing the definition of his six pack, feeling each groove, and moving down the lines of the V until I was stroking the soft curls covering the base of his cock. I ran my finger tip along his shaft, slipping it over the head and back down the other side, stroking over his balls, and tapping along them. A move I know he loves.

Laying back down I close my eyes, as I wrap my hand around his cock. It’s semi erect, and I squeeze and stroke it until it’s hard. He moans softly, and I smile to myself, he’s waking up. I continue to work his cock, squeezing it at the end of each stroke, running my fingers over the head. Spreading his precum over my palm, using it to help keep lubricated. As he twitches again, I pause my thumb over the tip, moving it in little circles, adding pressure as I do. He moans again, a longer sound, and I freeze my hand, holding him tight but not moving. He lifts his hips slightly, pushing into my hand, and I’m suddenly very aware of this man I love lying next to me. My nipples harden, and the scent of my arousal drifts up as my cunt throbs.

I think he’s waking up, and I want to make it as gentle as possible. So very gently I start moving my hand again, up and down with a loose fist. I lose myself in the rhythm, and don’t notice him waking, my first surprise is when he flicks a finger over one of my nipples, before pinching it tight and pulling it. I gasp, gripping his cock tighter. I have to focus hard on keeping my hand moving but when he slips his hand down to cup my cunt, I freeze again, sucking in my breath. It’s only when he presses his hand against my clit and sets up a rhythm I am able to move my hand again. I always struggle playing together like this. I forget what I’m doing and just feel it all.

The harder and faster his hand moves, the tighter and jerkier my stroking becomes. I know I don’t have long, my body is arching, pushing against his hand. The wave is building inside me and I am suddenly hot again, feeling like I’m about to combust. I try to let go of his cock, knowing I am going to come hard, but my hands are clenched, and it’s too late. As my orgasm crashes through me, I squeeze his cock tighter, and he grunts, pushing up against my hand, and a white hot ribbon sprays across our stomachs.


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