Preparation – A Look at my Preparations for Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 32nd post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Preparation. I was going to talk about my Christmas preparation and plans but then I got the idea to write about a much more sexy type of preparation. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

preparationChristmas is coming closer and everyone is busy with some kind of preparation, even if you don’t like the Christmas time. What kind of preparations are you making? Maybe even non-Christmassy ones? Share your sexiness!

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Sometimes I take more care with my preparation than others. I am usually groomed but on some occasions I like to go the extra mile. I don’t just want to be hair free, I want to be silky smooth and soft. For me this involves a careful match up of exfoliating, shaving, exfoliating again, followed by lots and lots of moisturiser….

I carefully spread the bath sheet towel over the end of my bed before going to the bathroom.Using the shower head I wet body. Then I carefully do my first round of exfoliation; for this I use a homemade mix of sugar, olive oil and lemon juice. You mix it all up to a thick paste that is still crumbly, and not too wet. I rub this onto my entire body, even over my vulva, being careful not to get it too close to any openings (sugar and warm wet areas is not a good combo). I step back into the shower, rinsing it off without using any shower gel or soap, just rubbing under the warm running water. You do need to rinse off the bath or shower floor quite well after doing this because it will be slippery. I don’t dry my skin, I just wrap a towel round me leaving my skin with drops of moisture.

Filling a bowl with water, I carry it back carefully so I don’t spill any of the steaming water on myself. I set it on the chest of drawers next to my bed, where I already have my razor waiting. Normally I’d shave in the shower but doing this means I can take my time and get a really close shave. I strip off my clothes, kicking them to one side out of my way. I smooth a blend of coconut butter and coconut oil over my pubic mound, rubbing it into the skin. Then I smooth it over my legs, slowing stroking up from ankle to the top of my thigh, using extra oil on ‘drier’ areas like my knees. Finishing up with my underarms.

Dipping the razor into the hot water, I shake off the excess water. Sitting down and leaning back I pull the skin tight over my mound. Applying the razor to my skin in short strokes, pressing lightly. Working from the outer edge where my thighs meet my body, and then into the middle and downwards, pausing every few strokes to rinse off the blade. I let one leg fall to the side and pull the skin tight, carefully running the razor over my outer lip on that side. Switching over to do the other side before slipping the razor further down between the tops of my thighs. Letting it glide carefully without using too much pressure.

Standing up I prop one leg up on the bed, using long strokes to shave the smooth skin on my shins and calves. Running the blade in short quick strokes over my knee, making sure the skin is tight. Twisting my leg so I can shave the back as thoroughly as the front. An ex once watched this and remarked that the positions I twisted myself into were reminiscent of a ballerina. He was complimenting me (and possibly marvelling at my flexibility) but in my head I always pictured the hippo in a tutu from the Pota Mousse adverts. I am not graceful.

Underarms are last. My arm stretched high, elbow bending over and behind my head. I lean forward slightly, the weight of my hanging breasts helping to pull the skin tight. And I use fast short strokes, zipping over both arms quickly. Then it’s back to the bathroom for another round of the exfoliator. This time I am much more gentle; massaging rather than rubbing it in. When I rinse it off I use a good moisturising shower gel, something with a creamy base is perfect. I don’t want to get rid of the oil I’ve used but I do want to make sure all the sugar is washed away, so it doesn’t get sticky.

I pat myself dry gently, my skin is usually a bit pink looking, and feeling delicate, so rubbing is not a good idea. Back in my bedroom I sweep a skin renewal serum over my body. Then it’s time for the body butter, I use a really good one with a shea butter base, that is almost solid in the tub. This sort of product is really rich, and great for spreading over your body, it really goes a long way. I take my time massaging the body butter all over; working it from my ankles to the tops of my thighs, over my cunt, around my arse and hips, then onto my arms starting at the wrists and smoothing up to my shoulders, under my arms, then down over my chest to my waist.

By the time I am finished I am smooth, moisturised and when I stroke my skin it feels like silk. I love doing this level of pampering care when I have fresh bedding on. There is something really decadent feeling about slipping between clean sheets and feeling them skimming over your legs.

The only thing that feels better is someone’s tongue and mouth appreciating the job you’ve done.



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6 thoughts on “Preparation – A Look at my Preparations for Wicked Wednesday

  1. Oh you are so right, freshly shaved and someone tongue is the best combination, especially if they are not freshly shaved.


    • I swear by the lemon juice, olive oil, and sugar for the pampering scrub. I haven’t found any commercial scrubs that work as well. 🙂
      I have to admit I do only do this process maybe once a month. Rest of time I am a lazy bones. lol. xx

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