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Masturbation Monday #16

Welcome to this week’s (very late) #MasturbationMonday, Private Pool Show. The inspiration was:

private pool show

Do you need some help with that? I’d be happy to take care of that…and everything else…for you. Rawr!

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Private Pool Show

I was sure the brochure had said private pool so I was thrown when I saw him. In all fairness I didn’t mind sharing with him, he was lovely. His tan was deep gold against the white linen on the sun bed padding. His blue jersey cotton shorts sat around his hips, showing off an expanse of stomach and drawing my eye to the line of hair from his chest disappearing under the waistband of his shorts. I followed the line down imagining where it finished. I watched, unsure if I was imagining the tenting of his shorts until his hand came up from his side, and gently rubbed over his cock.

I wanted to speak, to let him know I was here but my mouth was dry and I couldn’t form words. One hand held the tree beside me, as he stroked his cock with more intent squeezing and pulling, I felt the bark cutting in to my hand as my grip tightened. As his hand tugged and stroked his cock I felt a wet heat in me. When he arched his back thrusting into his fist, I bit back a moan not wanting to disturb my private pool show. He was still stroking through the outside of his shorts almost using them to add sensation, and I imagine a damp spot forming over the tip of his cock. I know my own pants are starting to feel wet, and I press my thighs together tightly.

I want to go to him; to add my hands to the mix, to slip my hand inside his short, to feel his hardness, the veins pulsing, the smoothness of his skin. To lift his cock out, and dip my head to taste the salty drops glistening at the tip. To roll a condom on him and then straddle his hips, sliding my throbbing cunt down his length. Letting my muscles squeeze him as I lift up, before sliding back down again. Riding him hard, his hands squeezing my breasts, pinching the nipples, lifting his head to suck one nipple into his mouth, biting and sucking, so my cunt throbs and tightens around his cock. I’ll moan and gasp as I come again and again, and the contracting of my cunt will push him over the edge, he’ll grunt a primal yell, the nipple in his mouth muffling the sound.

As the imagined orgasm pushes waves of feeling through me, my eyes refocus onto him, and I know he’s close to coming. His thrusts have become more frantic, pumping into his fist, and as he comes he moans, a deep guttural sound that pulses down inside me. He flops back his hand still cradling his cock, and for a minute I think he will fall asleep but instead he pushes up, standing, and slides his shorts off. He strides to the end of the pool, and stretches, his arms above his head, then bends and with a smooth movement dives into the pool. I watch for a moment more before I push myself from the support of the tree and slowly back away.

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