Product Review – Fun Factory Original Smartballs

DSC00630This review is for the Fun Factory Original Smartballs Kegel balls.

This product is a strongly built, good quality item. The removal ‘string’, the one part I was unsure about is not actually string but made of the same top quality silicone as the balls. I bought these because I had heard that even if you are fairly tight down there regular use of these can help make orgasms more intense and can stop you becoming looser with age, plus I was really curious about them. After researching I decided on these.

Kegel balls have a rotating set of internal balls that rotate silently as they move, creating sensations, and causing your muscles to tighten around them. Many reviews seem to talk about being able to feel them this movement inside of you and some people even say they’ve orgasmed from these……I have not been that lucky. Even wearing them to the gym just caused a mild sensation. More of a slow build up type of orgasm (having my partner slowly remove them while giving me oral lead to an exceptional orgasm though). Since I started using them I do feel like I am tighter down there (and I was fairly tight to start with), and definitely noticed an increase in the strength of orgasms, also found I squirted easier after using them.

The exact ones I have aren’t available anymore but the new version look just as good, it’s really only the ‘string’ that’s different.


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