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This was my first ‘luxury’ vibrator and I had quite high expectations. I was very prepared to love this item……and for the most part I really did.


The first thing you notice with any item is the packaging, this came in a fairly nondescript box; inside the box the Form 6 was supported by cheap moulded plastic, and the charging station and adapter were below it in a small cardboard box. I wasn’t blown away by the packaging and for an item of this level I would expect the box to be a bit nicer, something that could be used as storage, especially since Jimmyjane don’t provide any sort of storage pouch with this.

So what was in the box? The Form 6, a charging station, AC plug (with adapters for US, UK, EU and Aus), quick start guide. That’s it. It would have been nice, considering this is a luxury item, to get a storage pouch, but would have settled for a full instruction booklet. The quick start guide gives you a web address where you can download the user manual, however I would expect to have one included, especially as the quick start guide doesn’t even mention the travel lock, or explain how you know when the Form 6 is fully charged.

I loved that this came with adapters for charging in other countries, it’s a very nice touch. The quick start guide indicates it needs to charge for at least eight hours before first use, so I immediately plugged it in and waited impatiently for the allotted time. The light stays on throughout charging and doesn’t change so without lifting the Form 6 off it’s charging cradle you don’t know if it’s fully charged, apparently it blinks a certain number of times for different levels of charge (but the quick start guide doesn’t tell you this).


The Form 6 has six different modes and five vibration strengths. Which is where it really sings. You can use either end on constant, both ends on constant (although on the higher strength this could make your hand a bit numb), and varying patterns on both ends. The big chunky end (which is almost triangular in shape) has quite a diffuse deep rumbling vibration, which feels great rested against your labia. You can really build a slow strong orgasm. The smaller end has more concentrated vibrations; great for direct clitoral stimulation or for angling while thrusting to hit your G-spot, I found the ‘curve’ felt more pronounced and took a bit of manoeuvring to ‘insert’ but once it was positioned I used a sort of rocking motion and hell-o knee shaking orgasms. And if you like to feel full the Form 6 has that covered too, the bigger end gives a lovely full feeling and having that end inserted with the vibrations on ripple or pulse is nothing short of amazing.


One thing that surprised me was how loud this is. I expected a luxury vibrator to be much quieter, not silent but quiet. The vibrations are quite strong so I guess the noise is to be expected but even under a duvet it is audible, so if you live in shared accommodation you might want to put music on.

Another thing I loved about the Form 6 was the fact that it is fully waterproof, apart from all the bath and shower fun this opens the door for, it also means it is easy to keep clean. You can easily wash it with soap and water. It’s made of body safe silicone with a lovely soft, velvetty smooth finish; this feels great anywhere on your body, and only requires the smallest touch of lube to make it really slippery. Just make sure to use water based lube so you don’t damage the finish.

Overall: This is a great multi-function vibrator. Felt like I was getting three-for-one. Would love to try more products in the Jimmyjane line.


*I received this item in exchange for an honest review, and an edited version appears on the Lovehoney website. 

3 thoughts on “Product Review – JimmyJane Form 6

  1. Glad you liked this. I thought I was going to be getting it but haven’t yet and it’s been awhile. 😛 I still can’t believe for the price of these vibes, they left that horrible seam. But I really love the Form 4 so, I’m curious if I’d like this one as well.

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