LELO Lily 2 Clitoral Vibrator Product Review

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Review of the LELO Lily 2 Vibrator.

lelo lily 2

I have to say when LELO announced their new scented range my first thought was that it was a hoax, no way would any company do that. How would it be possible without affecting the safety of the materials used? When I realised it wasn’t a joke I admit I was really curious as to how it was going to be done, and how well it would work.  LELO published a great blog post on the science behind the making of the Lily 2, which answered my questions on the materials used, and how they got the scent in it. Plus I kind of love having the technical information (yes, I know I’m a geek).

LELO Lily 2

The Lily 2 is an aphrodisiac scented sex toy. LELO has combined their knowledge of arousal from scent (the most evocative sense) to create a range of fragrances. The combination of ultra powerful vibrations and signature aphrodisiac scents results in Lily 2 providing a unique pleasure experience. It is available in three scents: Lavender & Manuka Honey (pale purple), Rose & Wisteria (pale pink), and Bordeaux & Chocolate (deep purple). These scents were chosen for their aphrodisiac properties.

lelo lily 2

The LELO Lily 2 came well packaged in a plain brown box. The vibrator packaging was plain black with a clear window, and I have to admit it is pretty sexy looking. The Lily 2 sits nestled in a foam insert and the charging cable, storage pouch, etc were in a section to the side. When I opened the box the scent was gorgeous; light and gentle not at all over-powering, or artificial smelling. I was pleasantly surprised that I could smell it when I opened the box, and it made me hopeful about it keeping the scent. I received the pale purple Lavender and Manuka honey one, and it was a lovely sweet scent, not too heavy on the lavender.

The LELO Lily 2 has a lovely soft-touch feel, it does feel like a good quality silicone, even though it’s actually body safe ABS plastic. It is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable. I have to say I was worried that the charging port might mean this wasn’t really completely waterproof but I haven’t had a problem so far, and I wash it thoroughly after each use. It took around two hours to charge it fully, and the charge lasted about the same (I use it on the strongest setting). The Lily 2 has 8 vibration settings, however I found the 2-button interface so complicated to use I didn’t really try them all. It took ages for the press and hold to actually switch to patterns and not just increase the intensity.

To turn on and increase vibration intensity, press the + button (button on the right for Lily / Nea).
To change modes, press and hold the + button for 2 seconds. To return to continuous vibration,
press the – button once, and hold this button to reduce intensity until your LELO is switched off.

Many of the reviews I’ve read of the Lily 2 compare its vibration strength to the original Lily, I’ve never had tried the Lily so I can’t say if all those comparisons (apparently the 2 is much stronger) are correct but for me the vibrations just weren’t strong enough. They got me close to the edge but just couldn’t get me over it. That being said I did enjoy using it to tease myself, it felt especially nice around my nipples. I also really loved the shape, it fitted against my body perfectly, and just sat really nicely wherever I positioned it.

I have found that after a handful of uses (and washes) the scent is now so faded I can only smell it if the vibe is pressed to my nose, and it is only a very faint lingering aroma. This is quite disappointing but not completely unexpected.

Things I liked:

  • The original scent when I first opened it
  • The shape fitted comfortably in my hand and against my body
  • The soft-touch feel it makes you want to stroke it all over your body
  • The gentleness of vibrations was good for teasing
  • Rechargeable

Things I didn’t:

  • The scent didn’t last very long at all
  • The vibrations couldn’t get me off
  • The two-button operation is clunky


Overall this would be a great vibe if you don’t need a really strong vibration. I also think although the scent doesn’t last it would make it a fun gift for someone because of the scent when you first open it.


You can purchase the LELO Lily 2 vibrator directly from LELO who provided me this item in return for an honest review.

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