Product Review – LoveHoney Flavoured Lube



I’ve bought the Lovehoney flavoured lube in bottles previously so knew it was good but when I was offered these little 5ml sachets to review I jumped at the chance. They are perfect to have in your toiletry kit when travelling. It’s also a good way of trying new flavours without buying a whole bottle.
The water-based lube is condom safe, free from parabens and glycerine, and vegan friendly. It is also sugarfree, so it is safe to go straight from oral fun to intercourse without changing lube.
The bumper pack gives you four each of five flavours; strawberry, cherry, passion fruit, peppermint and chocolate orange. I liked all the flavours, but my favourite has to be the Choc Orange. I sometimes find flavoured lubes can be very sweet and have a nasty artificial after-taste but none of these were overly sweet, and all had a very natural taste. The flavour seemed to last for ages too, I have sometimes found flavoured lubes can lose taste after a few minutes, staying slick but not tasting of anything, this kept the flavour as long as the slipperiness.
The lube lasted really well keeping things slick for ages, and it had a really good consistency; not too watery or sticky. I also liked that when it dried out it didn’t leave a sticky residue, and strange as it sounds all the skin where it had been felt soft and moisturised.


*I was sent this Lovehoney Bumper Pack of Flavoured Lube in exchange for a review. An edited version of  this review appears on the Lovehoney product page.

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