Magic Motion Smart Kegel Product Review Kegel Toner

Kegel Toner Product Review

Our Magic Motion Smart Kegel Master is a smart Kegel ball designed to assist you to recover and strengthen the Pelvic floor muscles

Over 76% of women experience incontinence issues at some point in their life – The pelvic floor is woman first line defense against problems with incontinence.

The unique squeeze mode helps to assist ladies strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and enhances the intimacy of couples.

The Magic Kegel App makes your training sessions fun, providing visible feedback through your Smartphone through a unique game like training system, winning badges and rewards as you advance from beginner to Master.

From the MagicMotion site


Magic Motion Smart Kegel

Magic Motion Smart Kegel

I first came across the Magic Motion Smart Kegel Master at the ETO Show. Tim had a small display and was showing this and the Flamingo. I had a feel of both and had a chat with Tim about their range, and what else the company was hoping to do. I came away very excited about their products.

I was lucky enough to be offered the Magic Motion Smart Kegel Master to test, and once it arrived I was eager to get started. The packaging is simple and stylish with basic product information on the outside. Supplied in the box you get a user guide, USB cable, and a storage pouch. It’s great when companies include storage as part of the package.

The first thing to do when you get a Magic Motion product is to download the app. This is available on both the App Store and Google Play, and is free. There are clear instructions in the supplied user guide telling you how to connect your kegel balls to your phone and how to make them work together.

The first time you use it, there is a set up exercise, which checks the strength of your kegel muscles, and that you can feel the kegel ball vibrate. Now we come to the app. When you are ‘exercising your phone has a little bird on the screen, and the idea is you need to make the bird fly. The way you do this is to squeeze your pelvic muscles around the kegel ball. There is a vibration pattern and you squeeze when you feel it vibrate.

When I set this up I made the bird fly to the top of my screen very easily but when it started me on a program I found I really struggled to get the bird to fly even halfway up. I wondered if I was doing something wrong but I couldn’t work out how to get the test screen up again to try it, and after a few weeks I had the bird flying high again, so I think the program for the exercises is set so it really does test you.

The Magic Motion smart kegel master is made from body safe medical silicone, with ABS plastic. It is fully waterproof, travel ready, and USB rechargeable (and you all know how much I LOVE my products to be rechargeable). The kegel balls are quite small with a good weight, which I would usually recommend more for advanced users. However, in this instance because of the program and the vibration I would say they would be okay for beginners as well.

Magic Motion Smart Kegel

I did have an issue with the connection between the kegel and my phone dropping a few times, it didn’t happen every time I used it but it did happen occasionally. It wasn’t really a problem though, as it was easy to reset the connection on my phone and continue the exercise. The app suggests you do the program four times a day, and I found it easiest to do it all at once. Took me 6 minutes each morning to do the recommended program.


I loved the Smart Kegel Master from Magic Motion. And I can’t wait to see what else the company comes up with.

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