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When I recently visited the ETO show I met with the team behind the fabulous Nippleicious nipple jewellery.  I was lucky enough to be given my own set of nipple jewellery to take home and try.

These gorgeous non-pierced, non-invasive nipple jewellery come in a huge variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and styles.

I got some super cute black rose and skull ones. DSC00683

The idea is you get your nipple all perky the put the loop over it and slide the bead to tighten it as much as you want. I loved this idea because not everyone is the same size or likes the same amount of pressure and it is really easy to adjust these to your liking.

DSC00689DSC00691 DSC00688


I did find the bead was a little tight to adjust at first and I struggled to tighten the loop by myself. However, I used a dab of lip balm on the ‘string’ and slid the bead up and down a few times before going back and trying it again on my nipple. It was much easier after that.



If you’re not used to nipple clamps or having anything on your nipple, you should only have them tight for a few minutes as the pain when the blood comes back can be quite intense but because of the way they work it is easy to loosen them just a touch and keep the jewellery in place if you wish.

There are lots of different designs to choose from, and some designs include necklaces and hanging chains. For more photos of their stock check out their Facebook Gallery, and if you’d like to purchase you can visit their shop on Etsy.







2 thoughts on “Product Review – Nippleicious

    • They’re really cute, and quite fun. And she does so many different ones there’s something for everyone. The feather ones could be quite fun. 😀

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