Product Review – Nipplettes

This is a product review of the Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps. Mine came from Lovehoney.
DSC00625 DSC00627These were actually a gift someone sent me from my Lovehoney Wishlist. I was really looking forward to trying them; I have really sensitive nipples and I thought these might add an extra dimension to solo play. First off big points to the manufacturer for including batteries with them. However not really sure what the point of the on off button is, mine started vibrating before I even attached the cap, one of them even vibrates with just one battery in! *Side point remove the plastic ‘this way’ strip or you will have a real struggle getting the batteries back out of the clamp.

The vibrations actually feel quite strong when these are in your hand however once they’re on my nipples I can barely feel them. I know they’re there but the vibrations are negligible (I do have pretty large breasts though so it may be a ‘cushioning’ effect). I noticed on the Lovehoney description it mentions that these can be used in the shower and that although the vibrations are strong they’re not strong enough to ‘dislodge’ the clamps…….again this may be an issue with me being quite large chested but the only way these stay attached to my nipples is if I am flat on my back, they might hold better if they had some sort of grip on the inside of the clamp but it is a smooth surface and they just slide.

So with not feeling the vibrations and the not being able to just switch them off, I was ready to write them off, but I decided it was only fair to give them a decent shot, so I kept them in place while I masturbated and while it didn’t really seem like they were doing anything, when I came I felt little tingles of pleasure from my nipples and my orgasm (just a quick clit one) felt more intense. And I was perky for hours after I’d removed them.

Overall: Definitely give them a go, while they started slow, and aren’t perfect they do still ‘help’ the orgasm experience. And if you’re smaller chested you may feel the vibrations better. 



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