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The Tantus G-Force was my first dildo, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve always wanked using a vibrator before so having a toy that doesn’t vibrate was a new experience.

DSC00669The first thing that struck me when I took it out of the box was how flexible it was. I’m used to toys that tend to be very solid because of their internal motors, the G-Force is really bendy. *I may have spent five minutes bending it backwards and forwards, and giggling* The other thing that struck me was how shiny it was. Most silicone toys I’ve seen have a dull finish this is really shiny, a downside to this is that it seems to collect dust. It’s easily washed with warm water and soap though so not a huge problem. Another downside is it does have a lot of drag, so you will need to use lube (water-based obviously).


The G-Force is very smooth with a bulbous head, and it has a slight curve. The insertable length is about 6.5 inches (before the handle), and the curve starts at about 4 inches. I also think it’s quite slender being just 4.5 inches circumference at the widest part of the head, which is nice if you’re not used to an insertable toy. I also found that because it was a more slender toy (and it had that flexibility) it was great for hitting my g-spot. I could insert it so the head was positioned and then use a sort of rocking motion to put pressure on my g-spot. I did use this in conjunction with a clit vibrator, and had a few clit orgasms and a nice deep orgasm.

Overall: Very pleased with this as my first dildo. After using it my only complaint is the way it attracts dust and bits. Although, that’s a very minor complaint.

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