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So I know I said I loved the Jimmy Jane Form 6 but the two new vibrators I have been playing with recently completely knocked it off the top spot (haven’t even used it since I got these).  What are these wonder products you ask……..Both are We-Vibe products; the Touch and the Tango. These were my first experience with WeVibe products and I have to say I am very impressed.

Today I am reviewing the WeVibe Touch.

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Arrived in a nice solid box that would be great for storage. However, you do also get a very nice satin drawstring storage pouch. I prefer to keep mine in the little pouch because I now live in shared accommodation and it’s just a bit more discreet than having a box with a picture and ‘vibrator’ lying around.


The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous soft touch (medical-grade) silicone used. It is so soft and velvety, you just want to run it all over every part of your body. It invites stroking. It is rechargeable, takes about 90 minutes to fully charge and you should get around two hours of play from one charge, It also has a low power indicator light which flashes orange when you need to recharge it. The USB charger attaches via two fairly strong magnets at the base, keeping the unit fully sealed. So the Touch is also 100% waterproof, which apart from meaning you can enjoy this in the bath or shower, also means it is very easy to keep clean.


It has a great shape, it sits perfectly in your hand and even has a little depression that can change the feel of the vibrations. It was so easy to get myself off in a variety of ways; whether I was in the mood for direct stimulation from the tip, or a more diffuse feel from the depressed area, or even to hold along the inside of my ‘lips’ for a slow-building orgasm. It can even be inserted, and for me is the perfect length for the tip to hit my G-Spot. I even managed to make myself squirt for the first time (only ever squirted with a partner before).



Considering its size this is a powerful little vibe; it has strong rumbly vibrations in all four power modes, and as well as the constant vibration it also has four vibration patterns. If you have a favourite setting you can use ‘long-hold’ to turn it off and it will remember which setting it was on when you last used it. Another surprise was how quiet this was, it is described as “whisper-quiet” and I think that’s a pretty accurate description. Hard to believe something with this much power could be virtually silent.

My only real complaint, and it’s a very minor one is that you have to scroll through all the settings if you want to change ‘vibrations’, a minor annoyance that could be fixed with the addition of an extra button.

For those who like to know the technical stuff (and it can matter with a vibe):

  • Length: 4 inches
  • Insertable Length: 2.5 inches
  • Circumference: 4.75 inches
  • Base diameter: 1.5 inches

If you do need/want to use lube with the Touch, then remember as always with silicone toys you should use a water-based lubricant so as not to damage the finish.


Overall: This is a fantastic little vibrator that packs a lot of power into its small size. Go buy one, you won’t be disappointed. 

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