Pulse II Duo Male Masturbator from Hot Octopuss

Male Vibrator

The PULSE II DUO has been designed specifically with couples in mind. Worn by him, enjoyed by both, the PULSE II DUO is a revolution in couples’ sex toys. Incredibly sexy and intimate, PULSE II DUO is a unique hands-free experience that leaves you free to focus completely on each other.

From HotOctopuss

Pulse II Duo

According to the Pulse website the male experience will be identical with both the PULSE II and the PULSE II DUO. However, the DUO has a soft vibrating underside which the woman can independently control via remote. Both toys are 100% waterproof and offer five stimulation modes with adjustable intensity for the man.

Medical research has identified that vibrations applied in a very specific way can make a man (involuntarily) ejaculate. PULSE has harnessed this science through its oscillating PulsePlate™, designed to deliver the most powerful and unique orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

As a solo toy, PULSE can be used in two ways. Firstly, when used with lubricant PULSE becomes a revolutionary next-generation masturbator. Alternatively, lubricant-free, PULSE is more like a static stimulator. In this case the PulsePlate™ provides stimulation direct to the frenulum. This sensation will be completely different to anything experienced before: testers have told us they experienced a more powerful and prolonged orgasm and that it is like learning to masturbate all over again.

Pulse II Duo

The first things I noticed about the Pulse II Duo were the size and weight; it was much bigger and heavier than I expected. In the box was the ‘guybrator‘, the remote control disc, a storage pouch, charging cable, and some instructions.

pulse ii duoNow you’re probably thinking I don’t have the required ‘equipment’ for this toy, and you’d be correct. Luckily, I had a very willing friend, and the urge to have some naughty fun. I was a bit confused about exactly how the Pulse II Duo worked, and we spent a while frowning at the instructions while juggling the weight of the toy. I found it really quite heavy, and I couldn’t see how it would sit properly when used as a couple.

I understood the mechanics of it in solo play but for sharing it just seemed too heavy. First we tried it as a masturbator but even with plenty of lube it just didn’t seem to work with a stroking motion, plus the weight of it made my wrist hurt. Lol. Next we got him inside it, and I straddled him, turning on the vibrations, and grinding against him but the vibrations weren’t as strong as I would have liked, and it just really wasn’t working for me. Disappointed we gave up and I left it with him, so he could give it a try in his solo play.

The feedback isn’t great. The pulsing just didn’t work for him, and he found the unit was quite heavy in use, so it wasn’t comfortable to hold for long. I think maybe we just had issues with the weight, and exactly how to use this. I’d have liked slightly more comprehensive instructions, I think.

*However, Dave from The Big Gay Review gave this 10/10 so please read his review here.

On the plus side the Pulse II Duo is completely waterproof so clean up was lovely and easy.


I really wanted to love this but it just didn’t work for us. However, I know Hot Octopuss are hoping to release some smaller versions, so I have my fingers crossed that one of those will work better for us. Because as a company and brand I love what they are trying to achieve here.


*I was sent the Pulse II Duo Guybrator by Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

2 thoughts on “Pulse II Duo Male Masturbator from Hot Octopuss

  1. I myself reviewed the PULSE I when it came out – in fact, I was the first to do so. Hot Octopuss were reluctant to let me review the PULSE II (either solo or duo additions) in case I also gave that a negative review. Hmmm.

    This is the first review I’ve read that tallies with my experience. Like your very willing friend, I found the weight (and the fact you have to hold it in place) off-putting, the vibrations didn’t really work for me and (like your experience) sex was pretty much impossible, the size and heaviness preventing any penetration (maybe the PULSE II DUO is designed more for this; as far as I can ascertain, however, it’s basically a PULSE with some vibrations on the outside too…).

    It’s good to see I’m not alone in being disappointed with this toy. Although it’d have been better if we’d both been in agreement about liking it… but hey ho.

    Their next product is the PULSE III. I wonder if there’s going to be anything different about that

    • Thanks for commenting. It’s nice to know there are other people it didn’t work for. I know the Pulse II Duo isn’t designed for use during penetration, it’s more for the gentleman to wear while their partner grinds on it. 🙂

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