Ruby Glow Vibrator from Rocks-Off


The Ruby Glow is the creation of erotica author and artist Tabitha Rayne. Following this lovely lady on Twitter, I’d watched the development of this vibrator with interest, and I loved the sex-toy diaries in the ETO magazine about the process of designing and finding a manufacturer in Rocks-Off.

Tabitha said “I was aware that when I was inventing Ruby Glow that I had a certain (type of) lady in mind – mainly an erotica writer getting hot at her desk, wanting to ‘get off’ while she was typing.”

Ruby Glow

I’m sure you’ll agree that makes for quite a niche product. However, due to the style and form of the Ruby Glow it has so many more possibilities than perhaps even the designer imagined.

Ruby Glow

ruby glow

The Rocks-Off Ruby Glow is a saddle style non-penetrative toy, designed to stimulate your whole vulva. It has a ribbed clit stimulator and a vibrating vaginal (perineal) mound which sits snugly in place anchored by your pubic bone. Dual motor vibrations are controlled by buttons on the front for easy access, putting you in control of your orgasm. The shape means it can be used as a traditional clitoral stimulator or massager as well. I did struggle a bit with the fitting my body to the shape and getting things where they were supposed to be but got close enough in the end; after some wiggling and manoeuvring.


ruby glowThe Ruby Glow is designed to be used over clothing but it is made of body safe silky smooth silicone so is completely safe to use next to bare skin if you wish. However, you need to be aware it is NOT waterproof, so care will have to be taken when cleaning it. This is due to the battery compartment which for me is another tick in the negative column. It’s 2016 there’s no excuse for a toy to still need batteries now. The recharging technology is so cheap that it just seems like a wasted opportunity. Rechargeable toys are more easy to make waterproof, so this could have killed two birds with one stone. Hopefully there will be a MK2 in the future and they will have changed this. Would also like a quick shut-off button. Sometimes you need to be able to turn things off quickly, especially if you live with other people in the house.

ruby glowThe Rocks-Off Ruby Glow is not a quiet or discreet toy but I wouldn’t mind the noise so much if the power of the vibration actually matched the noise it was making. The sound is terrible; somewhere between a strimmer and a lawnmower. Which gets even worse if your desk chair happens to be wood or plastic. Not great if you happen to share your house. This brings me to the vibration…now I readily admit I am a power queen, I really need a good strong rumbly vibration. This just didn’t get me there, it didn’t even build up any arousal. It was just frustrating and uncomfortable. I found once I was sitting on it the vibrations almost disappeared. However, if you’re not a power queen you might love this, my friend Mel did, you can read her review here.

ruby glowThe idea behind the Ruby Glow is solid. It is a product to be used while you are seated – for instance while reading a steamy book, skyping or emailing a lover, perhaps watching an erotic movie at home or maybe when you’re in a chat room to add your pleasure experience, it could also be useful for those with disabilities that make holding a vibrator difficult.


I really wanted to love the Ruby Glow but it just failed to deliver on so many levels. I would be very curious if they do bring out a 2nd version. If they can make it waterproof, rechargeable, and fix the noise issue they could be onto a winner. Imagine being able to take this in the bath with you; sitting on it, laying back, reading your erotica, and building up some lovely relaxing. Wouldn’t that be great?



*The Ruby Glow was sent to me by Rocks-Off in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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