Satisfyer Battery

Clitoral Stimulator

Comparison review of the Satisfyer battery powered clitoral stimulaters, the Satisfyer 1 and Satisfyer 2. I loved the Pro 2 but what did I think of these?

The peppy Satisfyer 1 is the must-have for globetrotters. The slim, round shape of the pressure wave vibrator makes it the perfect companion away from home. Battery-powered operation allows contact-free pleasure at the push of a button – whenever you want.

The elegant and popular Satisfyer 2 cannot be missing from any toiletry bag. The ergonomic shape and its battery-powered feature make it a contact-free indulgence artist, equipped with innovative pressure wave technology. The twin operating elements allows fast control over 11 intensive programs.


Satisfyer battery

Satisfyer Battery

Both of the battery powered Satisfyers require 2 AAA batteries.

I wasn’t really expecting much from either of these toys. I already had the Pro 2 and loved it, so I figured there was no way these could compare. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind the release of these versions of the Satisfyer was  (because they seemed to be released AFTER the Pro 2) but maybe they just wanted to be able to make something that was even cheaper than the other versions for people with smaller budgets.

satisfyer batteryFirst was the Satisfyer 1, when I opened this I was a little concerned by the slightly flimsy feel, the casing join was obvious and ugly, and I worried that it would be too easy for body fluids to get in the gap. However, it seemed to clean well, and I found a soft toothbrush cleaned the gap perfectly. The ‘nozzle’ was a similar size and shape to the Pro 2 meaning it fit my body quite nicely. In use it was quiet and the batteries gave me about 2 hours of total playtime.

satisfyer batteryThe Satisfyer 2 looked slightly better put together, the joins seemed tighter. And the colours were more classy looking. The nozzle was much smaller and firmer than on the other models and I found it almost sharp against my body, this was especially noticeable the more aroused I became. I also found the Satisfyer 2 was noisier than the Satisfyer 1, I’m not sure if this was because the batteries didn’t fit quite as snugly so caused some rattling in use, or if it is just a noisier motor.

satisfyer batteryI found the button placement on both items very awkward. It has been moved even closer to the head of the Satisfyer than on the Pro 2, and it makes it quite difficult to reach comfortably while you are holding the body of the toy. It wasn’t a deal breaker but it is annoying enough that I noticed.


satisfyer battery satisfyer battery


I preferred the Satisfyer 1 to the Satisfyer 2, however neither of them pushed the Pro 2 off my Satisfyer top spot. Perfect for people who want to try the satisfyer without spending as much, or for those who don’t like rechargeable toys.


*Thank you to April from VivaLaSexyBlog for photography help.

*I was given the Satisfyer Battery 1 and 2 by Satisfyer in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review does not contain affiliate links.

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