Sensual Glass Textured Dildo from Lovehoney

Textured Glass Dildo

While I’ve always like the idea of the texture and finish of glass sex toys, I’d been hesitant about trying them. However, having read the fabulous Glass Sex Toys: A primer blog post from Dangerous Lilly I felt much more confident about giving them a go. I was browsing Lovehoney and noticed they had some of their glass toys on at half price so I dropped the Sensual Glass Textured Dildo into my basket with some other sale items.

sensual glass

Sensual Glass

Lovehoney states their glass dildos are made from toughened borosilicate glass. Which is hypo-allergenic, non-porous and easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, making it super easy to sterilise.

One of the things I loved about this was the fact that Lovehoney include a ‘velvet’ storage pouch, with this being a glass item it would have been nice for the pouch to be slightly padded but it is still a nice touch considering the price range.

I loved the shape and texture on this. I’m not much of a size queen and I found this was a perfect size for making me feel filled without being stretched. It was also slender enough that I didn’t need much ‘warming up’ before I could use it. The raised ‘swirl’ pattern felt really good when I was sliding it in and out. I also found because of the smooth finish of the glass a little lube went a long way. The only downside was that the bulbous handle is the same smooth finish, and after I’d been playing for a while I did find my hand slipped off a few times, spoiling my rhythm slightly.


I also found the raised swirl was great for rubbing over my clit and nipples; the ridges catching in just the right way. I haven’t purposely tried it for temperature play, because I prefer to do that with a partner but I did use it when it was accidentally cold. I’d left it on my window sill and because it was a cold day the glass of the dildo had become cold. I wasn’t really paying attention when I lubed it up but I definitely felt the coolness as I slid it inside. Wasn’t quite as much of a sensation as say an ice cube but I could still feel it.

Overall I really liked this dildo. It will stay in my bedside drawer, and be used regularly. I’d definitely consider getting more glass dildos, in different textures and sizes.

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