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Thank you for showing an interest in the work I do. As a growing sex writer I am always interested in working with new clients. I have been writing (as hornygeekgirl) for three years (two years self-hosted). I am still building a following and I see my numbers increase monthly. I was listed on Molly‘s Top 100 Sex Bloggers for both 2015 and 2016. I get an average of 300 views a day, this has built over the last two years from around 20 a day. I now have over 3500 followers on Twitter, 750+ followers on Facebook, and around 200 followers on Tumblr, as well as being active on Reddit.

I am a regular writer for three companies within the adult industry, and have written guest posts for other adult industry websites. I also recently had my first print article published in ETO Magazine.

I am available to write commissioned posts, these can be posted here on Hornygeekgirl or your own website or blog. These are time consuming to research and write, and would include at least one link (usually three) to your products or site. Prices vary depending on the length and content of the article. The price would need to be agreed on and paid in advance once I know what the post will entail.

I reserve the right to decline a Commissioned Post if I do not agree with the company or content involved. By commissioning me for a post you are accepting that I will write my own honest and unique piece centred around the chosen company or theme, this may be fiction or journalistic. You may request a preference and we can discuss it.

All Commissioned Posts are done by me. If you wish them to appear on my site they are posted exclusively on HornyGeekGirl, they cannot be posted anywhere else without permission. In some cases it may be possible to repost an edited version for an additional fee.

Edits to links and spelling/grammar are acceptable but the content itself will not be edited once published.

Payment is due in full before I do the work. I will not undertake work on the promise that you will pay. This is the case even if we have worked together before. All future payments would still be payable in advance.

Prices are quoted in POUNDS STERLING. It is up to you to arrange this with your bank.

If you’d like to commission me to write a series of articles I can arrange a special price, in this case payment for the package would be due in full prior to work commencing. This payment will not be refunded if you decide you do not wish to continue having me write the articles for you.

Press Release Posts

I am happy to post your company’s press release on HornyGeekGirl, there will be a one off fee of £75 for this. Your press release will remain on the site permanently and when it goes live it will be publicised on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Tumblr. If you wish to do this regularly you might prefer to take out my premium advertising package, details can be found here.

Terms and Conditions

  • Sponsored and Press release posts are non-refundable. There will be no exceptions.
  • Buying a sponsored post on HornyGeekGirl does not guarantee a certain click-through rate. When making a purchase you are simply paying me to write an article you are mentioned in, not a guaranteed rate of referrals.
  • Payment is due before the post goes live. I will not share/send the post until payment has cleared.
  • I do NOT accept PayPal. Payment must be done by bank transfer, if you are international I am happy for you to use Transferwise, I can send an invite if needed.
  • I will not recommend any product I wouldn’t be willing to use myself.
  • Links in sponsored posts are all “nofollow”. Exceptions to be negotiated at an extra cost.
  • There will be a disclaimer added to the bottom of the post making it clear it is a sponsored post. This is a requirement in my country, and as such is non-negotiable.
  • If you agree to my working for you for a set amount of time (eg, six months), you are contractually obligated to pay me for the full term even if you decide you don’t want me to continue writing for you. At the end of the set time the contract will roll over, unless you give 30 days notice that you intend to stop.
  • Making payment indicates you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.



If you’re interested in working with me then please send an email to Hornygeekgirl@gmail.com and we can discuss arrangements.