Product Reviews

Product Reviews

I am happy to do product reviews. I ask that any items sent are completely body safe, this means toys must be phthalate free, non-toxic, and non-porous. If you send me an item that is an unsuitable material I will not be able to provide a fair review.

I will only do product reviews for lube, condoms, and sex toy wash if they are sent as part of  a package with toys to be reviewed.

I do not give a time frame for product reviews because I like to test thoroughly before writing my review. I also review items in the order I receive them, so if I have a large queue at present this may mean your item will take longer to be reviewed.

*Unfortunately due to time restrictions I now have to charge a flat fee for the time it takes me to review an item. This is payable in advance. You are paying for my time NOT for a good review. My review will still be an honest one.

If there is a serious issue I will contact you before posting my review, to give you the opportunity to deal with it.

By sending an item you are agreeing to me publishing an honest and unbiased review. I will be fair. If I think there are redeeming qualities I will mention them. However, I will not remove or change a negative review because you don’t like it.

Please Note

If you are sending from outside the UK, YOU will be liable for any customs fees incurred. I will not test or review a item until reimbursement of the customs fee has been processed.



If you’re interested in working with me then please send an email to and we can discuss arrangements.