Sex Blogger Awards 2016

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There are a number of Sex Blogger Awards 2016. Not just the journalism and industry type awards with a ceremony and dinner but also the online ones that are more of a collection of bloggers (and blogs). I want to talk about two of the second of these. One of these is really more of a popularity contest than a real award, and that frustrates me.

sex blogger awards 2016

Sex Blogging Superheroes 2016

The first Sex Blogger award 2016 I want to talk about is Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superheroes. This is a popularity contest masquerading as an “award”. In 2015 I promoted constantly for the month and ended up being listed in the 60’s. However, you have to get people to vote for you, it is biased towards those who already have lots of followers. If you follow me on Twitter you may remember a few months ago I tweeted about being conflicted over an award. It was this one. In the end I decided I wasn’t going to publicise it or ask for votes this year. It feels wrong to do so. They don’t have any rules in place about previous winners not being eligible, so the same people end up in the top positions year after year. It’s self-perpetuating, and newer blogs with lower follower numbers don’t stand a chance.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying those people who come top don’t deserve to be there, or that they aren’t people I consider the top of the field (because I actually think they are) but there needs to be more balance. As well as deciding not to promote myself, and not asking for votes, I also voiced my misgivings on Twitter. The result of that was Kinkly unfollowed me. And as much as they like to say their award isn’t about votes and isn’t a popularity contest I wasn’t listed in their Sex Blogging Superheroes either. I realise this may come across as arrogance, that I’m thinking I would have been on the list if I’d “campaigned” but I do think there is a good chance I would have been. I was listed around the middle of the list the previous year, so to have dropped off completely would have been strange. Especially when I listed in a similar position this year in a different list (one that is run using a much fairer system).

Sex Blogger Awards 2016

This award was originally started by Rori from Between My Sheets and taken over by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss. This award is subjective but it does also have clear rules that are not based on who can get the most votes. I like how open Molly is about her decision making process, she takes care to make sure it is really clear. As well as The Transparency Report the day before announcing the result Molly also shared a second post about her methods, clarifying things even more.

On Friday the Sex Blogger Awards 2016 were published on Molly’s website. It’s a great list with quite a few websites that are new to me. I have started going through and looking at the ones I haven’t read before. It was also a pleasure to see some of my favourites listed, a few of them even made the top ten.


Congratulations to everyone who made both lists.

No matter what your opinion on the way these awards are done it is always nice to feel like your hard work is appreciated and understood. And seeing your name on one of these lists can be incredibly validating, especially if you have any doubt as to your performance.

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