SexpoUK London 2015- Event Write Up

Event Write-Up

A few weekends ago I attended SexpoUk at the Olympia in London. I arrived on the Friday and was able to wander round and have a good look at everything while it was quiet.



The venue was good, and hopefully future events will attract more stands, which will fill up the space. Would have been fun to have stands on the balcony area as well as filling out the floor space. The lighting was a bit stark, and not all the stands had individual lighting available which was a shame, as it would have been good to dim the main lights and have a more relaxed feeling.

When I arrived on the Friday evening I was a little concerned by the lack of atmosphere, there didn’t seem to be much of a buzz going on. The press passes we were given on arrival were just a little wristband, even though we were told we were getting lanyards and badges (I think we just slipped through the net though, as other people I spoke to with press passes did have lanyards). And a Lanyard distinguishing you as press was really needed if you were to avoid the extremely pushy selling going on from some stands. All the boudoir photography people (there were a few companies) were very…….enthusiastic, at one point I was followed around by one young lady determined to get a sale.

I had a wander round, seeing what stands and companies were there, and catching up with people. It was great to see faces (and companies) I know, and to get chance to meet people in person I have been talking to online;

  • Always lovely to catch up with William and the team from Doxy Massager.
  • It was great to see the new accessories the LoveArc team have been working on.
  • I finally managed to meet Lisa from Lelo.
  • I stopped by to say hello to the Kinkcraft team, whose stand was packed as usual.
  • And in between her mad rushing around keeping on top of thing I caught a few words with the lovely Bridie from the Sexpo team.
  • Also met the Godemiche owner/creator, and had a lovely chat about their products. (If you haven’t seen their range you are missing a treat).

I was completely entranced/distracted by the Pyrohex show on stage. Absolutely amazing.

My worries about the lack of atmosphere at SexpoUK were blown away on Saturday afternoon. The hall filled with more people, the stage seemed constantly busy, and there was a buzz, not just the noise of chatter but a true buzz, flowing round the room.

Overall, SexpoUK was a great event and I am hopeful that the next one will be bigger and better.

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