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Sexy Milestones was supposed to be a post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday. However I didn’t get it finished in time. However, I liked the prompt so much, I decided I would still write the post anyway. The prompt was:

Sexy MilestonesThe prompt for this week is ‘milestone’. What milestones have you reached or are you working towards? Are they sexy milestones? Why are they important to you? Why have you chosen for these specific milestones?

Sexy Milestones

I spent some time mulling over this. I was going to write about some of my writing and blogging milestones but I felt like I’d already covered these in previous posts. I decided I wanted to talk about some sexy milestones.

Over the last few years I feel as if I have had a bit of a sexual awakening. It started about 10 months after I lost my Dad, when I went a bit crazy and made some not great decisions that had varying degrees of success. It really kicked into gear when I started HornyGeekGirl. All the things that I’d had a vague interest in trying but barely ever mentioned in the past suddenly became things I needed to try. Like spanking; I’d tried it in the past with an ex but he’d only used his hand and it was only once because after he saw the bruises the next day he wouldn’t do it again……he was actually really upset about the bruising. I’d really enjoyed it though so it was always in my head that I’d like to try it again.

That didn’t happen until after I became HornyGeekGirl though. The first twelve months of this blog were an interesting learning curve. I’d always considered myself pretty open-minded, and not at all innocent or naive but then I started my blog (and reading other blogs in the community) and I realised how sheltered I had been. If you read my first column for CaraSutra you will know that I learnt a lot about myself from writing as HornyGeekGirl. Going to events and meeting other bloggers, and writers gave me the opportunities to explore more of the things I was interested in trying.

Last year at ETO I (very briefly) met a fellow blogger, and afterwards we got chatting online. It was great because I’d read their blog and felt totally safe talking to them about the things I was curious about. They happened to be a dom, and although (as you all know) I am NOT submissive, some of the things I wanted to explore were what I considered more submissive things. After chatting for a while and meeting up a couple of times, we decided it was a good time to explore some of the things I wanted to try. First up was impact play.

That was my first big sexy milestone for 2015. My first real experience of proper impact play with someone who knew what they were doing. I got thoroughly spanked; then flogged, paddled, and caned. I managed way more ‘pain’ than I thought I would, and I had the bruises for about a week. I was very proud of them. Lol. There is a post coming about the whole experience so I won’t go into too much detail here but needless to say it was awesome, and an experience I definitely hope to repeat.

My other sexy milestone for 2015 was butt play. I had always said it was a hard no for me but I realised last year, that I’d become curious about it. So many ladies I knew loved it and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I still occasionally get a bit squicky over it but that’s just a mental block rather than anything else. So I’m taking it very slowly, still haven’t done full on anal sex yet but I have played with butt plugs of varying sizes……some of which even though they’re small by some people’s standards still feel like a challenge to me.

Only two sexy milestones (three if you count realising I’m bisexual as a milestone) last year but for me they were big ones….and they really helped me start establishing who I want to be now.


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Sexy Milestones

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