Sexy Shoes – Wicked Wednesday #20

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 20th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Sexy Shoes. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

sexy shoes

This week’s prompt is a suggestion of the lovely and talented Melina Greenport:


When I saw’s slide show of The Best Shoe Porn of the Year, my mind lit up with ideas. I’m most comfortable in Chuck Taylors, but my characters—oh what they could do with shoes like these!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” — Marilyn Monroe

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” — Dr. Seuss

“Women always think that when they have my shoes, my dress my hairdresser, my make-up, it will work the same way. They do not conceive of the witchcraft that is needed. They do not know that I am not beautiful but that I only appear to be at certain moments.” — Anaïs Nin

From Cinderella’s glass slippers to the ruby ones bestowed upon Dorothy; from The Red Shoes poor dancing Karen was cursed with to Carrie Bradshaw’s stolen Manolos, shoes continue playing an impactful role in stories.

What does the thought of shoes bring up for you? Do any of the photos from Vogue spark your imagination? Do you have a favorite pair you’d like to show off? Share a picture, memory, fantasy or story about the power of sexy shoes.

Sexy Shoes

I was trudging down the street in my converse when I was caught by the display of shoes in a shop window. At the centre of the display was the most perfect pair of sexy shoes I’d ever seen. A pair of black heels, the leather printed with little golden skulls; they had a hidden platform, and the point of the heel was a small matching gold skull. I knew I had to try them on. I had a dress they would go perfectly with.

I stood up carefully, holding my arms out slightly for balance, as I wobbled my way across the floor. I could tell the sales assistant was fighting back a laugh, and I smiled at him, “I know, I live in my trainers, so I feel like I’m on stilts in these. They’re so beautiful though”. I walked back trying to move normally but very aware of the way the heels made my arse swing from side to side. I stop in front of the mirror, and bend rolling the bottoms of my jeans so I can see better how the shoes look.

I’m turning from side to side, when I hear a voice, “They look good on you.” I can see her in the mirror walking towards me, she looks perfect; her blonde hair is glossy and smooth, she’s wearing an outfit that probably cost what I pay in rent, and her green eyes light up as they take in my stance. “They lengthen your legs. They’re sexy.”
I twist towards her, putting  hand on the wall as I stagger slightly. I feel heat flood my cheeks as I stutter, “Oh, thanks. I’m not sure I should spend money on shoes I can’t walk in though…no matter how sexy they are.”
Even my ears feel like they’re burning, as she looks at me, then she smiles, a wolfish look that sends a shiver through my core, “You should treat yourself, every woman deserves a little something sexy now and then.” She winks at me, and I realise she’s flirting with me, at which point my brain freezes, I manage to mumble something incoherent, as I wobble back to where my bag is.
There’s a soft laugh in her voice as she says, “Nice talking to you.” She walks to the checkout, and I watch as she speaks with the assistant, chatting easily as she pays. She gives me a small wave as she heads to the door, a shoe bag in her other hand.  I want to slap myself as I slip off the shoes, I don’t know what I was thinking. I couldn’t be any more awkward if I tried. She was just so pretty.

The assistant comes over and picks up the shoes, as I tying the laces on my trainers, “I’ll just box them for you.”
I blush, “Oh, that’s okay. I don’t think I’m going to bother. Not like I can really walk in them.”
He frowns at me, “They’ve already been paid for. Aren’t you with the lady who just left?”
I look up at him, my mouth dropping open, “Are you serious? She bought me shoes?”
He nods, still frowning, “You don’t know her?” I shake my head, and he pulls another face, walking away with the shoes. He returns with them boxed and bagged. “Must be your lucky day.” His eyes run over my outfit; the scuffed converse, the ragged jeans, and the oversized Alien t-shirt, “very lucky.”

I stand tying my hoody back round my waist and picking up my bag, I hold my hand out for the sexy shoes. I’m not really sure I should keep them but I’m not leaving them here after they’ve been paid for. I walk out onto the street, blinking as my eyes adjust to the sunlight. I’ve barely gone 10 steps when someone falls into step with me, I glance sideways, taking in the outfit, and the shoe bag. I stop, and turn to look at her, holding out my sexy shoes, “Thank you, but…”
“If you give them back to me I’ll go throw them in that bin, I mean it.” She has this look on her face, the sort of look my best friend would give me right before we got caught for doing something we shouldn’t.
I hug them to me, “Thank you. I’m Cassie.”
“Hi Cassie, can I buy you a coffee?” she nods to the cafe over the road.
“No…..but I’ll buy you one.” The flash of bravery causes my face to redden again.
She notices, and reaches to touch my cheek, “It’s a deal.”


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15 thoughts on “Sexy Shoes – Wicked Wednesday #20

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Lol. They do sound lovely. And I do have a dress they would match. lol. 😀 xx

    • Thank you.
      It’s still drifting round my head, so I’m thinking it isn’t really finished. I might have to turn it into a longer story. 🙂 xx

  1. This piece is so very erotic, so full of promise, with a quirky character I just want to know. And she so deserves those shoes.

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