Sexy Summer – Wicked Wednesday #13

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 13th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Sexy Summer. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

When I saw this photo of Cammies on the floor last week, I just knew I had to use it for a prompt. I was thrilled when the Cammies-sisters gave me permission to this. Just look at the image. I love this edit. It screams ‘summer’ to me. In the northern hemisphere the days are getting shorter and we have reached the end of our summer. In fact, this past week it was like autumn out here and I am already thinking of scarves and boots. In the southern hemisphere spring has started and summer will soon follow, and there they will soon be getting out their shorts and sandals and bikinis.

sexy summerThis week I ask you to share your stories about summer loves, summer sexiness, summer hotness, summer holidays or any other thing you want to share about your summer.

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Sexy Summer

I love the summer. The warm weather just seems to rev my engine. Not only do I want sex, I want it all the time. I can just finish having it, and want it again. And because the weather is nice I am prone to behaviour that if I was unlucky could get me arrested. Let’s go for a walk, the woods will be cooler with all that shade, which leads to sex against a tree. Let’s go to the beach and paddle, which leads to surreptitious hand jobs while hoping no one notices. Lets find a quiet beer garden, which leads to speedy blow jobs while praying the bar staff don’t come out to collect glasses. Going for a drive in the country and ending up parked down a dead end lane steaming up the car windows and surprising the occasional rambler.

Nothing quite as nice as finding a nice ‘quiet’ spot, throwing down a blanket, stripping off, and lying together, feeling the sun warming your skin. Reaching out every so often to stroke them, feeling the muscles in their back, the hair on their chest, the way their arms flex as you run a finger down their bicep and forearm. Maybe checking you’re still alone, before allowing your fingers to skim lower, grazing over their cock. Seeing it stir and thicken. Wrapping your hand around the shaft and stroking. Long lazy movements at first, then shorter firmer ones, until you’re pumping it, as they moan. The way they gasp your name as they come, ribbons of white shooting over your fist, and up onto their stomach. Lying back, smiling as you readjust your sunglasses.

I love sexy summer.



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10 thoughts on “Sexy Summer – Wicked Wednesday #13

    • I love hair on a guys chest. I will play with it if a guys shirt is off. I am tactile and it is a texture thing, I like to touch. Lol.

    • Hehehehe. I would never say I was an exhibitionist but sometimes when I’m horny I forget where I am. lol. Get lost in the moment. xx

  1. I LOVE summer for all these reasons…. and just because it gives me respite from the constant battle with the cold


    • Yay. I really do love summer. Light (or no) clothes, barefeet, everything is just sexier. 😀 xx

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