Sharing Good News

So I recently made the decision to do something that is a fairly big deal; I applied to do postgraduate study at a university across the country. Now this is only the application stage, I may not even get asked to go for an interview, let alone get a place on the course, and even if I get on the course I may not be able to get funding and might have to defer.

What has really upset me is the reaction of some of my ‘friends’. Now some have been really supportive; in fact two who live in the area where the uni is have offered to help me with house hunting and things like that, others promising they will visit me if I move. However a few people have been quite unsupportive, one only asking me what I will do about therapy (I haven’t even started therapy here yet, I am still on the waiting list), another just said thanks for letting me know (WTF).

This was good news I shared, and a really big deal considering how much I ave been struggling lately, and out of my ‘real’ world friends only a handful managed to summon any support and enthusiasm it. The rest barely seemed to even acknowledge it, I didn’t expect much, just a good luck/fingers crossed would have done. People on twitter have been way more supportive than over half of my actual friends.


So this is for my lovely twitter followers. A big thank you for being so supportive and encouraging. It really means a lot. xxx 

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