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Masturbation Monday #21

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Shaving Table. The inspiration was:

Shaving Table

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Shaving Table

I couldn’t have held my legs in position any better if he’d actually tied them to the table legs. He hadn’t, he’d just told me to stay there, and I did. I didn’t know how long or what the plan was, I was just following orders.

He’d already been back once, he’d knelt under the table and removed my knickers. I’d wiggled slightly in anticipation but what I was hoping for didn’t happen, instead he’d placed a hot cloth over my cunt. He waited a minute, then removed it smoothing something cold and thick (I knew from before that it was conditioner) over me, then pulling the skin tight he’d shaved me. Using his body and hands to move me so he could get everywhere. He’d wiped me down with the, now cool, cloth before replacing my knickers.

I sat waiting now. The warm heat that had started when he’d sat me down, had just been exacerbated by the shaving, and I knew my knickers were now wet. I’d always loved it when he shaved me, there was something so erotic and sensual about it. The way he held my skin, the scrape of the razor, the soft touch of his fingertips as they skimmed over me checking the finish, and after he was satisfied he’d carefully wipe the conditioner off me, before gently kissing me.  His lips feeling like a brand on the freshly shaved skin.

I glanced at the clock, he’d been gone for quite a while. I shifted in the seat, not really moving just wiggling from side to side. My thoughts drifted back to the last time he’d shaved me. Just the feel of his fingers spreading the conditioner had me so horny I was dripping, so much so he commented on it. I’d just laughed and confessed that I hadn’t come in a week. Which might not have been the best idea, as he then decided to torture me with the Doxy a little. Holding it against me and making me count down then taking it away as I was about to come. It felt like he’d teased me for hours but in reality is was probably only a few minutes.

Remembering the whole scenario had my hand sliding down my pants, I slowly stroked and circled my clit as I thought about that day. The shaving, the teasing, the orgasms, the pain. When I came my knees shook, knocking the table. And I realised what I’d done. I quickly put my hand back on the desk but the scent of my arousal drifted around me and I knew he would know. Determined to prove myself, to make up for my mistake I sat back, holding my legs straight against the table, my arms and palms flat across the top.

It was only when I noticed the darkness outside that I realised he wasn’t coming back. I’d been abandoned, left behind.



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Shaving Table

9 thoughts on “Shaving Table – Masturbation Monday

  1. Shaving doesn’t do it for me, but the way you described it does LOTS of things to me. 😉 I think my favorite is the honor bondage – staying in position like that without the need for rope. Unf.
    But the end….what happened?!

    • Thank you. 😀

      I was having a really bad day yesterday….and the ending just happened. It was pretty dark, wasn’t it? :-/

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