Sinful Stories Competition #1

Exhibit A over at Exhibit Unadorned decided to run an erotic short story competition. The challenge was to:

Write an erotic short story, no longer than 2500 words, using a photo from the April 27th edition of Molly Moore’s Sinful Sunday meme as the inspiration.

The rules and prize information can be found here.

As I am a very new ‘sex’ blogger, who has never written any erotica before, and is pretty new to reading it, I wasn’t going to enter but then I saw the sinful sunday pictures….let’s just say I was inspired.

My first story was inspired by Exhibit A’s own sinful sunday contribution, Hung.  Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Quiet Train

Shifting in my seat I’m trying to ease the throbbing from the train’s vibration and the directness of his gaze, the longer he stares the more my body reacts, and the harder my nipples get the more he stares. I stand up muttering about the sun being in my face and stretch on tiptoe to close the curtain over the carriage door, shutting us off from the corridor. I jump as his hand touches mine, “let me.” Pulling my hand down I turn to find his body has me trapped against the door.

Off balance I put my hand against his chest steadying myself and as I breathe in his warmth, his nipple hardens under my palm. Tipping my face up to look him in the eye, I smile at the question there and reach to pull his head down, kissing him hard. He runs his hands down my body, pausing at my waist before cupping my arse. His hands feel strong and as the kiss deepens he lifts me slightly, pulling me into him so I feel him through his jeans, hard against my stomach.

I savour the feel for a moment before stepping back to create space between us so I can unbutton his fly, his lack of underwear meaning his cock pushes itself up as soon as I unfasten the last button. I run my palm along his cock, feeling the silkiness of his skin against my hand, before curling my fingers around him, squeezing gently I slowly slide my hand toward the tip, already glistening with drops of precum. I rub my palm across his tip in small circles spreading the lubrication across my hand, before sliding my hand back along his length again.

I tighten my grip as I feel his hands moving under my clothes, one hand under my shirt kneading my tit, and pinching my nipple,  as the other moves under my skirt, finding I’m not wearing underwear, he strokes over my pussy, already slick and starting to throb. He finds my clit and his thumb moves in small circles mirroring my movements on his tip. Continuing to massage my clit he slides a finger down pressing into me easily, soon adding a second finger to the first and pushing further into me. I push against his hand, feeling myself tighten around his fingers and he pushes in harder as I start to stroke his cock faster, matching the throbbing rhythm building inside me. He slips his thumb back to rub against my clit, and as my knees give slightly I lean back against the door, feeling the waves of orgasm pulse through me.

Kneeling I take his cock my mouth, sucking the head, and swirling my tongue around the tip. I slide my head up and down along his cock, keeping a hand around his shaft, following my mouth’s movements with my hand, tightening my grip as it moves away from his body. With my other hand I gently cup his balls, rolling them in my hand and gently squeezing, feeling their weight pulling into his body as he twitches and comes. I swallow quickly when his come hits the back of my throat and when his shuddering stops I pull back giving a last cleaning suck before tucking him in and buttoning up his fly.  I stand up straightening my skirt, and smile at him as I sit down. “Same time next week?”



Please feel free to comment and leave feedback, but keep it constructive and polite, this is my first attempt at anything like this. Thanks. xx

13 thoughts on “Sinful Stories Competition #1

  1. I really liked your story — the action was hot. These two got right into the sexiness. I found myself wondering if these were strangers or if they knew each other. Not that it really matters all that much in the story, but I kinda liked how you left that part open.

    • Thank you. 🙂

      So glad the ‘strangers or not’ came across, I was a bit unsure if I’d spoilt the mystery with the last line, so really glad it worked.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. 🙂

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  3. I like the hot sex details, included as if the most natural thing in the world which I love to see.

    I thought the ending ambiguous and all the better for it. Is this a ‘regular’ arrangement already? Or is she proposing it could become one?

  4. Fantastic tale; clever little comment. Ambigious endings are always hot!

    Have a look at ERWA (erotic readers and writers association); there are calls for submissions to erotic anthologies; your writing is hot! 😉

    • Thank you.

      Glad it reads naturally….I try to read my stories out loud when I’m puzzling over wording, you can see how it sounds that way.

      I joked recently that I need an erotic thesaurus. 🙂

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