Sinful Stories Competition #2

Exhibit A over at Exhibit Unadorned decided to run an erotic short story competition. The challenge was to:

Write an erotic short story, no longer than 2500 words, using a photo from the April 27th edition of Molly Moore’s Sinful Sunday meme as the inspiration.

The rules and prize information can be found here.

As I am a very new ‘sex’ blogger, who has never written any erotica before, and is pretty new to reading it, I wasn’t going to enter but then I saw the sinful sunday pictures, and let’s just say I was inspired…….twice.

My second story was inspired by Evoe‘s sinful sunday contribution, Lick Here. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


I put my foot up on the side of the bath tub and pulled the skin tight as I run the razor over my pubic hair. I continue removing the hair thinking about the conversation that had sparked this, my friend insisted that removing the hair changed how things felt down there, and I was curious to see if that was true. I made two passes all over before tossing the razor aside and gently stroking it, the cream I used to shave making my fingers slide easily across my skin. I used an exfoliator to finish the job of smoothing started by shaving, before rinsing off. The spray from the shower felt stronger than usual against my pussy and I let it run for a moment longer, just long enough to feel the throb of arousal start.

In my bedroom drying off I feel more naked than usual, considering it’s only one place that’s any different to my usual shaving routine it’s an oddly sexy feeling. The fun really starts when I’m applying my moisturiser; first the glancing touch as I massage cocoa butter into my thighs, then a spreading warmth as I smooth lotion across my stomach and abdomen. The velvety softness of my freshly shaved pussy invites stroking and I can’t help running my fingers over it, thinking about how it would feel to have his mouth kiss it, his tongue lick it, how it would feel when the tip of his nose rubs across it as he nibbles and sucks my clit. Feeling the throbbing I started with the shower intensify I reach for the vibrator next to the bed and switching it on put it against my clit. I come fast and feeling cheeky I decide to send him a photo. I leave the vibe in place and take a quick shot, attaching it to a text I send, “New haircut, can’t wait for you to get home”.

He kisses me hard, pulling me tight against him as he slides his hands under my top, stroking up and down my back, stopping just inside the waist band of my jeans. He pauses kissing just long enough to pull my shirt over my head, dropping it on the floor. He moves his hands between us supporting the weight of my tits before squeezing them hard and pinching the nipples. He nibbles and sucks my bottom lip, in the way he knows drives me nuts, as his hands work at unfastening my jeans. He slides them down my hips and past my arse, before lifting me onto the table. Working his mouth down towards my tits, he pauses to gently suck and nibble the hollow above my collar bone, one of my weak spots. Supporting me as he lays me back, he dips his head and takes one nipple in his mouth; sucking, teasing and flicking with his tongue while he pinches the other.

He moves his mouth to the other nipple, sliding his hands down to unfasten my jeans, quickly pulling them off. He stops, running his eyes down my body, taking in my naked pussy, and reaching out a hand to stroke across the shaved skin. He leans over to kiss me as his fingers explore my pussy, sliding in and out, spreading my wetness upwards as he finds my clit and works in small circles around it. His mouth traces down my body stopping to suck and bite in the places he knows I like, until I am pushing against his fingers, my hands in his hair, begging him for more. The tentative touch of his tongue as he explores the bareness feels familiar but different, and while he is sucking my clit I become aware of the roughness of his stubble against the tops of my thighs and pussy lips, the sensations combine and I feel myself tightening around his fingers, trying to hold them as he thrusts harder and faster. My hands now clutching the sides of the table as his fingers fuck me, and as I feel the spasms intensify, his teeth nip at my clit while his fingers give a last thrust into me and I shake as I feel the blinding pain pleasure spike through me, and the release squirting over his fingers. Straightening, he licks his fingers and smiles, “Love the haircut”.

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  2. Very much enjoyed this, but I’m a bit acomoclitic and I’m normally shaved myself. First time shaving felt so naughty, and daring. 😉

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