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Masturbation Monday #28

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Sleepy Sex Memory. The inspiration was:

Sleepy Sex Memory

I’ve been in a very similar state many times over the years. A sleepy, dream-like wank will wake you up or help you sleep. Either way, it feels pretty damn good!

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Sleepy Sex Memory

I wake quickly, something jarring me from sleep and I moan. I’m not ready to wake up, I was having such a good dream. Half asleep I reach out, stretching my arm down to the floor next to the bed. I flick the switch on the plug socket, and then feel around until my hand closes on the handle of my Doxy. I pull it up, and slide it under my body, settling it against my outer lips and turning it on to its lowest setting. In my dream I remember flirting shamelessly with the hot tattooed barista from my local coffee shop. I’d made my intentions clear when I’d slipped him my address, telling him he should come over after work.

I answered the door in my sexiest underwear, and he’d paused in the doorway, his gaze travelling up and down my body as he smiled at me. His smile had turned into a wolfish grin, when he saw my bedroom. The walls were a pale purple, the carpet a deep emerald green, my double frame bed was covered with slate grey bedding but it was what I had on the walls that was making him grin. Prints of men and women, mostly naked; some bound with rope, some suspended, some on their knees chained, gagged. And hanging from hooks between the prints whips, paddles, floggers, handcuffs, rope, there were even a few canes.

He’d walked along the wall inspecting the prints, stroking the toys before turning to me. “Do you use these?”
I smile and nod, “Of course I use them.”
He pauses before asking, “Give or take?”
A laugh escapes me, “Both. Either. Depends on the situation.”
He turns to me, my suede flogger in his hands running the strips through his fingers. His voice is almost a whisper when he asks, “This situation?”
The question is clear, and the way he asked sent shivers through me. I think for a minute, taking in his arms and shoulders, the way his skin is taut over bulging muscle. My mind drifts, and my skin breaks out in goosebumps, “Take.” My voice is strong, confident, and he smiles at me.
“Good answer.” He waves a hand toward the foot rail of the bed, “Would you like to assume the position?”

I grab a few pillows, creating a comfortable pile to support me, and then I bend over the rail. It’s at the perfect height for me, and with the pillows as a bolster, I could stand here for hours. I hear him taking things off the wall, I’m tempted to look but I don’t. He seems to have made his decision, and I wait for the first blow, instead he steps around the side of the bed, I look up at him, not sure what he needs.
“Traffic light system, red means stop. That okay with you?” I hadn’t even thought of that, and the fact that he had made me feel safe. I nod.

He steps back out of view, and when I tense expecting the first blow he reminds me to breathe, and relax. His first stroke hits I’m surprised that it’s his hand, he starts off slowly, spanking each cheek in turn with firm thuds. Every so often he will pause stroking the warming cheeks of my arse with his hand.  He switches to a paddle, and sets up a rapid rhythm, he’s using a lighter paddle and the sensation is more stingy than his hand was. When I wiggle after a smack, he asks “Traffic light?”
“Green” I grin at the bed as I hear a click and the paddle comes down again, he’s added to it and the change in sensation is more thuddy. It thunks against my arse, sending a shudder of heat through me.


…To be continued



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