Sleepy Sunday

I wake up slowly, the edges of a hangover making it hard to think, all I have in my head is a dull ache and a desperate urge for sex, what is it about hangovers that make you want that release. I reach for you but the space where you should be is empty and I roll over to look at the clock, squinting the sleep from my eyes, and trying to focus. It’s a little after nine and I realise I can smell fresh coffee, I climb out of bed, pulling on an oversize tee as I follow the promise of caffeine through the living room, and into the kitchen.
You’re sitting on the sofa, playing on the Xbox and when I just get a mumbled response to my greeting I decide I need caffeine before I try to distract you. I grin as I poor myself a coffee,┬áthinking about what it will take to tear you away from the game.

I stand against the counter, sipping my coffee and looking out the window, letting my mind drift. I’ve just finished my cup when I feel your arms sneak around me, pulling me back against you, and kissing my shoulder where my tee has slipped to the side. I push my arse into you, feeling your erection against my back. You move one hand up to cup my breast, taking the weight of it and squeezing gently before pinching the nipple. Your other hand is under my top, stroking my cunt, fingers rubbing along my slit, easily sliding inside me. I reach behind me and pushing down the waistband of your boxers free your cock, working it with┬ámy fist for a minute until your fingers cause me to orgasm. I come gently, slowly, the pulsing pushing up and falling back as you remove your fingers. I brace my hands on the counter and bend slightly, causing my tee to pull up showing you my bare arse and cunt. You rub your cock head against my slit, letting the tip slip into me before moving back, I moan and lift my hips, wanting to feel you in me. When you finally push all the way in I settle back against you, using the counter to balance our rocking motion, and we move together, back and forth, looking out the window. Until I feel you twitching in me and you come, biting my my shoulder to push me into another orgasm. You pull out, turning me to face you and kissing me as I tuck you back into you boxers. It’s a quick soft kiss that tastes of coffee, and then you’re heading back to play Xbox, as I pour myself another coffee.

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