Solo Sex

Masturbation Monday #37

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Solo Sex. You may notice the image I’ve added below doesn’t look much like inspiration but due to changes in UK laws I am trying to be careful what I host directly on my page. If you’d like to see the inspiration image you just need to click below and it will take you to it.

solo sexI have adored Cara Thereon for years, when she blogged under a different name and now under this iteration of her smut. She almost never thinks she’s beautiful enough as a person or talented enough as a writer, but I do, and I love everything she does and creates – including this GORGEOUS prompt for Masturbation Monday this week. Let it inspire you (or not) but let us all wipe the drool from our chins and admire all that makes Cara amazing – and it’s definitely not just her body.

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on! **Please make sure to include the Masturbation Monday banner or badge on your blog post!**

Solo Sex

I closed the door, locking it behind me. I paused to kick my shoes off, slipping my arms out of my jacket, and dropping it over the chair. I slide off my skirt, unbutton my shirt, folding both over the back of the chair. I unfasten my bra, pulling the straps down to remove it, enjoying the relief as my breasts swing free. I push down my pants, bending slightly to pull them off.
I straighten, hands up, stretching out the kinks of the day.  My nipples are stiff, puckering up in the breeze from the air con. I pull back the duvet, folding it at the end of the bed, before I lay down. My plan is to nap in the cool air but it’s hard to not play with my nipples. They’re standing to attention so nicely that my fingers are drawn to them. I pinch and tease them until little shoots of arousal are rushing down my body, and my cunt is feeling moist.
I move one hand down my body skimming over that place that causes shivers when lovers kiss it. Sliding my hand over my cunt, feeling the soft prickle of the hair I’m letting grow. I tease my outer lips, spreading my juices over them with my fingertips. I put the heel of my hand over my clit, pushing and rocking my hand without lifting it. The pressure on my clit builds the warm feeling in my stomach, and with my other hand I pinch and pull my nipple, harder than I was before. My cunt is throbbing, pulsing with waves of building orgasm. Without moving my hand off my clit I curl my middle finger, letting the tip slip into me, teasing around my entrance. When I come I can feel the tightening around my finger.
Although, I’ve orgasmed I don’t feel satisfied, the finger I used to tease myself has just made me long to be filled. I lean over and open a drawer, pulling out some toys before I lay back. I hold my little vibe to my clit and switch it on low, letting my clit gets used to the rumbly vibrations before I turn it up. It doesn’t take long before I’m feeling pulses of orgasm in my cunt. I slide my glass dildo in, I love the way it feels slightly cool at first, adding to the response inside me. My cunt throbs, contracting around the cool glass, each time my body tries to push it out I slide it back in. My nipples are tightening in an almost painful way, as my orgasm builds. When I feel close, I hold the dildo inside me rocking it against my g-spot. My whole body is reacting, shivers running over me, and I drop the clit vibe, it slips to the bed buzzing against my hip but my focus is on the dildo and the pressure building inside me. I rock the dildo faster and faster, my hold slipping slightly. My hands is gripping the sheet beneath me as I push my hips up. The pressure finally crashes over me, everything clenches, and then releases. My grip on the dildo slips, and as I come I push it out, with a rush of fluids. The final release left me satisfied and I lay back, my legs and arms floppy on the bed. Finally relaxed.



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