Something Different – I Want

I Want…

To see your lips curve in a smile

To see your strong hands reach for me

To see your head tilt as you take in my figure; lingering

The desire in your eyes as you lean towards me.


To feel your breath on my face as you lean to kiss me

To feel your touch as your fingers tilt my chin

To feel the press of your lips on mine; the warmth

The pressure as your tongue runs along the line where my lips join, willing them to part.


To taste the hesitance as your tongue slips into my mouth

To taste you; warm, and sweet, and wanting

To taste your need as you probe my mouth; teasing me

The hunger as you suck my tongue between your lips, pulling me in.


To hear the slurping as you suck my tongue into your mouth

To hear the wetness as you pull back separating our mouths

To hear our breathing low and shallow; panting

The urgency as you whisper, “I want you”.



I wanted to try something a bit different today, I hope you enjoyed it.

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