Sometimes I think…

Sometimes when I’m alone I think about you.

I think about the things I want you to do to me; your hands on my tits, your mouth on my nipples, fingers stroking my pussy, tongue teasing my clit, fingers slipping inside me, cock head teasing my opening, fucking me hard.

The things I want to do to you; play with your nipples, find out how sensitive they are, tease them with my tongue, nip them with my teeth, stroke your cock into hardness, sucking the head until you squirm and then riding you until we both come.

The things I want you to watch some well-hung guy do to me. The things I want to see that same well-hung guy do to you. I think about you watching him fuck me,  muffling my moans with your cock, letting him fuck me until I come, and then me watching while you suck his cock, tasting my juices mixed with his precum, lapping every last bit, sucking him and swallowing every drop as he comes in your mouth. Kissing you hard as I lie on my back while he tastes me, starting at my nipples and working down, slowly nibbling and sucking as I wiggle under his touch, you watching and stroking yourself, moving him aside so you can fuck me. Then he starts stroking your back, his hands working lower until he is massaging your ass, the moment of surprise on you face as he works lube around your ass, and your moan as he slowly works a finger into you, then another, your greedy look as you hear him rolling on a condom, your teeth biting my shoulder as he finally starts sliding his cock into you. Slowly testing, stretching. And the moment he pauses and you begin moving again, sliding back onto him, the forward into me, back and forth, until suddenly he is grabbing you and as he rams into you I feel you push into me, hitting my g-spot, again and again as he bangs into you, until I orgasm hard around you. Feeling you tense and twitch in me as you come and relax against me. And finally his yell as he shudders into you, and relaxes. Lying in a heap, recovering until we’re ready to go again.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I think…

    • Lol.

      It’s a bit confused, but it was in my head all jumbled and it needed to come out. Just wish it made more sense. Or had better structure.

      Lol. We’re our own worst critic, right?

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