You’re standing in front of me in just your jeans, I’m almost naked, sitting on a hard wooden chair watching you carefully. My arms are wrapped around the back of the chair pushing out my chest, and your eyes move down my body; taking in the red bra and panties I bought especially for you for today, the suspender belt just a wisp of black lace and elastic holding up sheer black stockings. My feet are against the legs of the chair holding my knees apart, and a slight shiver runs through your body as your eyes continue to travel down. I’m wearing black strappy heels which show my toes, the red polish clearly visible through the stockings. As your gaze lands on my toes I wiggle them and your eyes snap back up to my face.

Holding my stare you unbuckle your belt pulling it slowly through the loops, you fold it and lay it across my lap. I drop my eyes to watch your hands as you unbutton your fly, noticing your lack of boxers, as you push your jeans down and fold them carefully before putting them on the table with your shirt. Your cock is already hard standing out and when I wiggle slightly against the chair it twitches slightly.

You stand there hands at your sides, eyes watching me, waiting. We both know the game and it’s just a matter of who breaks first. I have more in my arsenal though, after all I still have something on, and I know a quick wiggle of my toes can cause you to twitch. I need to be careful though, too much will count against me. Your move your gaze to my chest, watching the slight movement and matching my breaths. The longer your gaze is on them the more turned on I get, thinking about you kneeling down and lifting one tit out of it’s red cup, and leaning forward to take the nipple in your mouth. As I think about you sucking on them my nipples harden pushing out against the lace of my bra. You notice and I see your cock jump. Your eyes come back up to meet mine and you let out a small sigh, reaching your hand forward to stroke your thumb over the hard nipple. I arch against the touch then grin at you, “I win, assume the position”.

You drop to your knees and move closer, one hand still on my breast, pinching my nipple, the other slowly stroking up my thigh. Pushing my knickers aside so you can rub your thumb against my clit. Gently circling it as your fingers run along my slit, sliding inside my lips and teasing my opening. You let two fingers slip inside me, then look up into my face as you bring the fingers to your mouth tasting me. Then you drop down, your hands moving my thighs further apart and pulling me forwards on the chair. You dip your head, dropping a kiss against my slit before slipping your tongue between my lips, running it up to tease my clit. You tease me until I am wiggling and dripping, and when you nip my clit I feel the pressure that has built breaking, and I moan, one hand grabbing your hair, while the other clutches the chair. You stay there licking up my juices while I shiver.

And only once I have stilled do you back up, staying on all fours, with your head down. I reach down to pick up the belt that had fallen onto the floor then straighten up, keeping in folded I flex it a few times letting it ‘snap’ between my hands, enjoying the noise. I reach to tip your chin up, and meeting your eye I nod, you turn placing your arse within arms reach and I flick my hand up letting the belt unfold and bringing it down with a crack.

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