Finger Fucking – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #14

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finger fucking

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Finger Fucking

He manoeuvres me towards the window as he kisses me, his lips crushing against mine. There is a light scent of tobacco from his cigarette, and I can taste the coffee he’s just drunk. His hands cup my arse, squeezing as they lift slightly, pulling me into him, so I can feel his hardening cock through our clothes. We’re standing right in front of the window, and I slip a hand back to brace myself against the frame, as he nudges my knees apart, pushing his leg between them. He leans away, breaking the kiss, then steps back, and my body follows him, seeking the heat.
“No, stay there.” the words are sharp and I stop moving, a smile playing over my lips as I open my eyes to look at him. He’s watching me closely, making sure this is okay.
I drop my eyes and reply, “Yes, sir.”

The sir falls out easily, surprising me. I watch as he steps to the pole hanging from the blinds, he twists it and they open, striping my body with sunlight. I wait to see what he’s going to do, I don’t know what I want more right now, cock filling me or finger fucking me.
“Look at that view.” He steps back towards me, and takes my hand, raising it over my head to twirl me like a dancer so I’m looking out through the gaps. The sun is bright, and it’s a gorgeous day. I can see people sitting outside the bars around the canal basin. He places the hand he was holding above my head, and curls my fingers around the window frame, clearly indicating I should keep it there. He lifts my hair, kissing down my neck, and over my shoulders. His other hand is playing with my chest, squeezing first one tit, then the other. His lips move back towards my neck, and he opens his mouth, nipping at the tender skin with his teeth, and when he sucks I draw in my breath, feeling my nipples harden.

He pinches a nipple through the thin fabric of my dress, sucking on my neck so firmly that I know I will have the reminder for at least a week. I close my eyes, and let my head tip against him as the sensations run through me, causing my cunt to throb. He continues playing with my nipples pinching hard, and pulling them until they ache. He kisses back along my shoulder, letting my hair fall down my back.
He whispers in my ear, “Open your eyes. I want you looking out.” I open my eyes, staring down at the crowds below. Watching them as I feel his hand moving down, lifting the hem of my dress.

He strokes along the tops of my stockings, teasing me as he strokes my inner thighs. He pulls my dress up, letting it gather around my hips. He walks his fingers across the line where my pants would have been, that spot where even the slightest touch sends shivers through my body. Gently he caresses my cunt, running his fingers over my outer lips, letting the heel of his hand press against me, not quite massaging my clit or finger fucking me but close enough to send tremors of wanting through me.
We’re only a few floors up, and a thought occurs to me, “Do you think anyone can see me?”
His answer is almost a growl, “I hope so. I hope they can see this…” He slips a finger between the outer lips, letting it dip into my cunt slightly, “and this…” before sliding it upwards, rubbing it over my clit, “and definitely this.” He brings the finger up to my mouth, and I open letting it slip inside, “So they know what a greedy little slut you are.” I suck his finger, tasting myself before he pulls it out.

He goes back to teasing my cunt, and I’m pulled back pressing into his body, so I can feel his cock pushing against my arse, straining against his jeans. His hand cups my cunt, before he moves it around, so his thumb can circle my clit while he teases my opening with a finger. He lets it slip inside, finger fucking me, and I push against his hand, wanting more. His thumb rubbing over my clit he lets a second finger join the first, sliding them in and out until I my breathing is ragged, and my fist grips the window sill more tightly. I can feel the waves of my orgasm building in me, as I start to throb around his fingers.

He moves his body sideways, adjusting his reach, as he slips a third finger in. I moan, the “oh fuck.” catching in my throat, as a bigger orgasm wave hits and shudders through me. I am close to the edge again when his hand suddenly slaps down against my arse, and cause the orgasm to crash through me, ripping “Oh fuck, yes” from my mouth. My knees wobble, and he supports my weight, taking some of the strain from the arm I am using to cling to the window frame. I notice my other hand is clutching his, leaving little half-moon impressions from my nails, pressing him harder against me.

Looking down I see some faces turned upwards, and I wonder if anyone was watching. Did they see him finger fucking me? Did they see the slap? Did they see me pressing his hand into me harder?


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Watching Me Cum Part 5 – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #6

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Watching Me Cum. I’m continuing last week’s story. Hope you like it. You can find links to the previous instalments here.


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Watching Me Cum Part 5

I feel like my entire body is vibrating, as he continues to circle my clit with his thumb, slowly sliding one finger in and out of my soaking cunt. His other hand is cupping a boob, and he pinches my nipple. Twisting and pulling it until I am whimpering. His breath is heavy on my ear, as he nuzzles my neck; nipping and sucking. I moan as his lips hit that sweet spot along my collar-bone.

“Are you gonna come for me, babe?” He slides a second finger in alongside the first, and finally allows his thumb to brush over my clit. A shock shoots through me and my breath hisses out, as I grab the sheet beneath me, scrunching it in my fist. The first wave of orgasm hits me, rolling over me as I gasp and wriggle. He moves his fingers in and out, teasing me some more, his thumb brushing over my swollen clit, and I feel the next wave building in me.

He slides back, letting me roll on to my back and dips his head to suck in a nipple while a hand keeps working my dripping cunt. He hooks his fingers slightly, and starts moving them in a rocking motion. He puts the fingers of his other hand against my clit and starts rubbing faster. He lifts his head, watching me cum. I can feel the waves of my orgasm building, and as one peaks I gasp out begging him not to stop. When he drops his head down again, my hand curves around the back of it, while my other clutches the sheet underneath me.

I moan, my breathing shallow, as his fingers move faster, and harder. His mouth is hot on my nipple, sucking it. When he bites it pulling up and tugging hard, the waves building in me crash down. My body spasms, muscles tightening before I come hard, squirting over his fingers. And my body relaxes, my arms dropping down, as I try to remember to breathe.


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